Voktunma was a planet in the Voktunma system of the Core Worlds.


An Imperial aligned planet during the Galactic Civil War, it was controlled by Imperial Advisor Bregius Golthan. The planet boasted a busy Imperial class starport. Its terrain was varied with a number of mountain ranges, dense forests, and cultivated plains. Of the native fauna, a lizard-like avian nested in the mountainous regions.

Nestled in mountainous foothills to the west of the starport, Goltan kept his personal fortress. The fortress consisted of large towers and spires, and was guarded by a defense grid composed of a number of turbolaser towers placed strategically in the surrounding forests. Golthan also guarded the planet with three Star Destroyers in orbit, and numerous other military support craft.

In 4 ABY, he imprisoned the smuggler Platt Okeefe within his fortress. A member of the mercenary group the Black Curs, Golthan had caught her in a trap on Canyon, designed to capture Luke Skywalker. Satisfied with his catch, nonetheless, Golthan starved and interrogated her. The Black Curs launched a rescue mission on the ground and successfully infiltrated the fortress. They rescued Okeefe, and significantly damaged the fortress, before escaping in the Luudrian Star.


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