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Vondarc was a planet located within the Vondarc system of the Mid Rim, that served as one of the endpoints of the Enarc Run hyperroute.


The crew of the Uhumele docked in Vonport during their search for Dass Jennir. The city was garrisoned with stormtroopers when they arrived, but they managed to get through without much trouble. Beyghor Sahdett, Bomo Greenbark, Meekerdin-maa, and Ko Vakier later raided an Imperial guard station to hack into the Empire's databanks for clues on Jennir. The information they recovered led them to the desert world of Prine, where they indeed found who they were looking for.[3]

After the death of Emperor Palpatine at the Battle of Endor, Warlord Sander Delvardus acquired a large force of AT-ATs and other walkers on Vondarc, which prompted him to invent the title of "Superior General."[4]



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