Vonnda Ra a female Dathomirian and a Nightsister of the Great Canyon Clan and a member of the Shadow Academy during the Second Imperium Crisis.


A Force-sensitive Dathomirian, Vonnda Ra was a member of the progressive Great Canyon Clan which believed that men were the equals of the women in the tribe. Despite this stance, Ra disagreed and believed that most men were naturally inferior when it came to control of the Force. Training as a Nightsister, Ra came to possess significant knowledge of the Force and, despite her prejudices, took on a male acolyte named Vilas. Together with her student, Ra was dispatched on recruiting missions across Dathomir to find eligible Dathomiri to join the Great Canyon Clan and train in the dark arts of the Nightsisters as taught to them from the ancient Book of Shadows.[1]

When the Dark Jedi Brakiss came to the Dathomir system in search of students for his Shadow Academy, the Great Canyon Clan threw their support behind his Second Imperium and Ra enthusiastically sought out young witches to join in learning the dark side of the Force. Tall and muscular, Ra resided in a tent where she sat upon a chair made of a stuffed rancor head. When the Jedi Master Luke Skywalker visited the camp as part of his intelligence gathering mission during the Second Imperium Crisis, Ra was unimpressed with the male until he used the Force to launch her seat up and out of her tent far into the atmosphere. Cowed by Skywalker's demonstration of power, she realized she would not successful in bringing Skywalker's companion, Dathomiri Tenel Ka, into the clan. After Skywalker departed the Great Canyon, Ra gathered several members of the Singing Mountain Clan and departed for the Shadow Academy where she would remain for sometime.[1]

When it came time to launch an assault on Kashyyyk, Ra followed the command of General Zekk as their task force stole large quantities of starship equipment and supplies. As they struggled to return to their ship the group was forced to engage in battle with members of the Jedi Order and Wookiee resistance fighters. Engaging Jedi Jacen Solo, Tenel Ka, Lowbacca and the Wookiee Sirrakuk, the Nightsisters and their commander were forced into the lowest levels of the Kashyyyk forests. During a struggle with the Wookiee Sirrakuk, Ra lost her balance and fell into the deadly maw of a syren plant. While Sirrakuk escaped the voracious plant, Ra was consumed by Kashyyyk's deadly flora.[2]

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In Young Jedi Knights: Darkest Knight, her name is misspelled at least once as Vorinda Ra.



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