Vonya was a Witch of Dathomir and princess of the Nightsister clan in 31 BBY. She was second in command of the clan led by the Nightsister Mother, Zalem.


Vonya was involved in the plot to reopen the Infinity Gate that lay under the Dathomiri surface. This plot was complicated by the arrival of Jedi Knight Quinlan Vos, who was investigating the disappearance of the planet of Ova. During this time, she and her fellow witches ridiculed Zalem's misshapen daughter, "the Rancor". During a raid led by another Nightsister princess, Yongti, Vonya was able to kill her with a Subterine and then executed her followers.[1]

As she and Zalem approached the Star chamber, they came under attack by a giant whuffa worm that guarding the chamber. She brought Vos before Zalem, and punished Ros Lai for not guarding slaves against Yongti.[2] Vonya then discovered Ros Lai's true form and tried to match her power with her own, but was stopped by Vos. She then vanished and informed Zalem of this. They than captured Vos and tortured him with artery worms until Ros Lai freed him and escaped.[3]

Vonya then pursued Vos, Ros Lai, and Yag Shushin to the star chamber, and appeared to be destroyed by them. Vonya was then killed when Quin destroyed her ship after she killed his friend Yag.[4]


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