Voontara Fa'athra was a powerful Hutt who lived during the Galactic War era between the Galactic Republic and the resurgent Sith Empire. He was an opponent of Suudaa Nem'ro, a member of the rival Nem'ro clan, seeking to take over Nem'ro's turf. Eventually, Fa'thara encountered the Imperial Agent Cipher Nine on Voss, infuriated with the Agent for driving him off Nal Hutta, he ordered his troops to attack Nine, but was killed instead. He was most often known simply by his cuirvas, Fa'athra.


Born sometime after 3843 BBY, Fa'athra became an upstart member of the Hutt clans, specifically clan Fa'athra. Instead of focusing on the slow accumulation of wealth and power, Fa'athra became a nimble strategist where he enjoyed crushing his enemies with unstoppable force. Following the Treaty of Coruscant and the start of the Cold War, Fa'athra assassinated several Hutts in disfavor with the Cartel. Eventually, he became an opponent to Suudaa Nem'ro, hoping to take over his seat on Nal Hutta from his base of operations in a palace in the Eastern Grime. Since Fa'athra is less devoted to Hutt Cartel law, he considers himself a disciple of ancient Hutt traditions.

During the Cold War, Fa'athra was engaged in a gang war with Nem'ro. However, he unknowingly was caught up in subterfuge committed by the Sith Empire, looking to acquire Nem'ro's allegiance. An Imperial agent, later known as Cipher Nine, aided Nem'ro's cause by slaying Karrels Javis, Nem'ro's lieutenant, and pinning the murder on Fa'athra, making it seem like he was aiding the Republic. The ruse worked and Fa'athra was later forced off Hutta.

In 3641 BBY, Fa'athra was alerted by Hunter as to Nine's identity. Hiring a few mercenaries, Fa'athra journeyed to Voss to revenge himself upon the agent. His men kidnapped Bas-Ton, Nine's contact and an undercover Imperial agent. When the Cipher Agent came to him, Fa'athra and his troops engage the Cipher Nine and were all defeated.

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Voontara Fa'athra is a character in the 2011 Star Wars: The Old Republic. The Hutt makes a personal appearance in the Imperial Agent's Chapter 3 story on Voss.

Depending on the player's choices, Fa'athra's fate may be decided three ways:

  • The Agent spares Fa'athra and acquire his services (neutral dialogue)
  • The Agent tells Fa'athra to forget his grudge and the Hutt leaves peacefully (light side dialogue)
  • The Agent executes Fa'athra (dark side dialogue)



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