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Voor was a Lieutenant in the Imperial Navy during the Galactic Civil War.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Lieutenant Voor served on the Star Destroyer Relentless under Captain Parlan around 0 ABY. That year, Parlan discovered that Republican tactician Adar Tallon was alive, hiding on Tatooine. He ordered a bounty on his head, calling the attention of bounty hunter Jodo Kast and others.[1]

Voor discovered that one of Parlan's officers, Ensign Dana, was really an agent for the Rebel Alliance. Dana tried to escape to Kwenn Space Station to report Tallon's survival to the Alliance, but was killed by the bounty hunter Jodo Kast. Voor and two other bounty hunters were present when an Alliance team attempted to meet with Dana. The trio were defeated, and Dana's body recovered, upon which they found a data storage pad containing the information regarding Tallon.[1]

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