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"Voorpaks are the pet of choice for the Naboo. But besides being great lap warmers, they don't really do much around the house."

Voorpaks were a non-sentient species that inhabited the galaxy.[1] They came from Naboo and were often kept as pets.[2] They were small enough to be carried by a humanoid, had six legs, and excreted purple urine.[3]

Torra Doza, a human resident of the Colossus platform on the planet Castilon, owned a voorpak named Buggles.[1] Qi'ra, a human woman associated with the crime syndicate Crimson Dawn, sometimes wore a shirt lined with voorpak fur.[5]

Biology and appearance[]

Voorpaks had soft, white fur and a light weight. They also had a pleasant odor and sharp teeth.[4] They were small enough to be easily held by a humanoid. They had six legs, and also excreted purple urine.[3]


Voorpaks originated from the planet Naboo, where they were kept as pets by some citizens.[2] In the wild, voorpaks lived in rocky outcrops on hillsides, where they raised litters of up to five pups,[4] known as voorlings.[6]

Voorpaks in the galaxy[]

Voorpaks could function as pets.[4] Torra Doza owned a voorpak as a pet, which she named Buggles.[1] These creatures were popular with Naboo's aristocracy.[4] Voorpak fur could be used to line clothes.[5]

Behind the scenes[]

Voorpaks first appeared in the 2015 video game Disney Infinity 3.0.[7] In the Star Wars Legends continuity, voorpaks were first mentioned in the 2001 magazine Star Wars Gamer 4.[8]


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