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"I think he told me about you when I was very young. One of those 'you can be whatever you want when you grow up' stories. 'The Gamorrean Who Became a Fighter Pilot.' I thought he'd made it up"
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Voort saBinring, or "Piggy", was a Gamorrean male and member of Wraith Squadron from its inception in 7 ABY through the Yuuzhan Vong War.


Prior to joining the New Republic Navy, saBinring was biogenetically altered by Binring Biomedical, given a genius mathematical acumen and the ability to speak Basic via throat-mounted translator. His prowess with mathematics was so great that during his first days as a Wraith, he demonstrated an ability as a sort of tactical computer, his mathematical abilities and pattern recognition allowing him to guide other pilots to heighten their efficiency, even as he flew well himself.

Eventually escaping the facility with help from his creator, Tuzin Gast, saBinring made his way to Obroa-skai and joined the Rebellion. His creator later committed suicide. However, his starfighter career was abruptly cut short by a xenophobic superior officer, who framed him for assault and insubordination. The officer punched at him, Piggy blocked, and the officer reported that saBinring attacked him. Undeterred, saBinring applied for transfer to Wraith Squadron and immediately impressed squadron leaders Wedge Antilles and Wes Janson with his genius for astronavigation and intelligence analysis. He also had a simple explanation for why he could not have attacked the officer: If Piggy had punched him, the officer would not have been able to speak coherently at the time he reported the "assault".

Voort saBinring2

Voort "Piggy" saBinring in Wraith Squadron flight suit.

The evacuation of Folor base following the attack by Admiral Apwar Trigit and the Implacable saw Wraith Squadron fall foul of Zsinj's latest toy, the Empion mine. Whilst the squadron drifted helplessly in space, Piggy suffered the indignity of having his vocal implant disabled and he was only able to communicate through a series of grunts. Fortunately Grinder was able to effect repairs and Piggy volunteered for a crazy scheme to turn the tables on their ambushers.

By jury-rigging a vehicle made of X-wing and parts of the Narra called the Lunatic, Piggy was able to maneuver into the hold of the Night Caller and use his blaster cannon to kill Captain Zurel Darillian and capture the ship. Following the debriefing, he jokingly asked whether he could keep the Night Caller. Wedge explained that although that question would have been treated as a joke by any other military force, it was perfectly legitimate in the New Republic owing to the naval traditions of the Rebel Alliance. Piggy could have submitted a request to transfer which Wedge would have approved. He would then receive an immediate promotion to Lieutenant and a temporary promotion to Brevet Captain. After 6 months to a year of cargo missions, he'd receive proper missions for the New Republic. Ultimately Piggy declined to take Wedge up on the offer.

When Warlord Zsinj brainwashed certain members of nonhumanoid species to wreak havoc in the New Republic and assassinate important leaders, Piggy single handedly saved Admiral Ackbar's life. Lieutenant Jart Eyan, a Twi'lek was brainwashed, and when receiving a code phrase trigger, walked into Admiral Ackbar's office, where Piggy was at the time commenting on Wraith Squadron's most recent significant encounter with Warlord Zsinj, and shot Piggy in the stomach. Piggy, although near death, was overcome with base Gamorrean instincts, and rose to fight Eyan. He broke the blaster with a vibroblade and smashed the Twi'lek into the wall, smashed his head flat and left a big dent in the wall with a desk, shortly before passing out. Piggy had to be submerged in bacta for an extended period of time, but fully recovered and eventually returned back into the Wraith's service.

As a Wraith, saBinring participated in the fight with freelance Imperial Admiral Apwar Trigit and was a valued analyst on Han Solo's anti-Zsinj task force. He continued service with the squadron when it was transferred to New Republic Intelligence (NRI).

During the Yuuzhan Vong invasion, he participated in Wedge Antilles' efforts to repel the Vong from Borleias, as both a Wraith and a member of Twin Suns Squadron. Piggy would also help plan Luke Skywalker's mission to Coruscant to hunt down Lord Nyax.


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