Voras was a male Hutt and the secret leader of the Ivax Syndicate, a criminal organization that originated in the Ivax Nebula and was active in the whole Anoat sector.[1] As such, he was a silent partner in a thousand dummy businesses and secretly controlled a million dirty deals. Although he strived to defeat the Galactic Empire and build his own power base, Voras preferred to remain in the shadows while his subordinates represented the Syndicate.[2] He held his court at the Paradise Atrium, in the Tibanna gas mining colony of Cloud City.[1]

After the establishment of the Iron Blockade, Voras' dominion over the black market of Cloud City became endangered by four members of the rival Zenowai Crime Society. The Hutt then hired Riley and her younger sibling, two scoundrels from Burnin Konn, to help him get rid of the Zenowai. In return, Voras promised that he would try and lift the death mark that Commander Bragh had placed on the siblings.[1]

Personality and traits[]

A yellow-skinned Hutt with orange eyes, Voras wore several pieces of jewelry, including two bracelets, several rings around his tail, and a face chain.[1] When startled, Voras tended to become emotional and healthily paranoid.[2]

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