Voreclaw were a species of large insectoid bipeds living on Medriaas. Taller than an average Human and protected by large chitinous shells, they were able to sustain on both plant and animal life. As a semi-sentient species, they lived underground, where they formed colonies linked by the hive mind. The species nearly went extinct - in fact the voreclaw living deep underground remained the only things alive on the planet - in 4999 BBY, when a Sith Lord named Vitiate performed the Ritual of Nathema that granted him immortality while stripping the Force from the entire planet, transforming Medriaas into a barren and lifeless world known as Nathema. However, the voreclaw hive mind was obliterated by the ritual, leaving their underground colonies nothing more than groups of mindless individuals. When the voreclaws, driven by hunger, finally emerged onto the surface, radiation from Nathema's sun ravaged the insects, burning their exposed flesh and their chitinous shells. In the utter absence of any other food, the creatures were forced into cannibalism, attacking and eating each other until only a handful remained. Vitiate eventually captured the few remaining survivors and stored them in carbonite beneath the Sanitarium, using them as guards for generations as he needed.[1] Several voreclaw were encountered and killed by Lana Beniko and the Alliance Commander when they took shelter in the Emperor's vault beneath the Sanitarium in 3630 BBY.[2]

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Voreclaw appear in Star Wars: The Old Republic: Knights of the Eternal Throne Chapter 7: Into the Void. Players can also obtain a Voreclaw companion and a Voreclaw corpse housing decoration from Cartel Market packs.


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