The Vorusku system was a star system located within the Outer Rim Territories' Juris sector.[1] It contained the water planet Vorusku.[2]

Centuries before 19 BBY,[3] Vorusku served as residence for the Kaminoan Jedi Kina Ha. During Ha's stay there, she experienced a vision of the future in which[4] an army of clone soldiers would be created for the dark side of the Force on Ha's homeworld of Kamino.[5] The vision haunted the Jedi, causing her to return to Kamino.[4]

Following the Trade Federation invasion of the planet Naboo[2] in 32 BBY,[6] the Vorusku crimelord Jalla Spree began to supply the Blue Star Pirates with advanced weaponry. One of the pirates, who was in a hidden cove on a jungle planet around that time, had a datacard originating from the Hyperdrive Cantina on Vorusku.[2]

A group of individuals tasked by the Galactic Republic's Office of the Supreme Chancellor to find out the Blue Star Pirates' supplier followed a lead to Vorusku and eventually discovered Spree's role in supplying the pirates.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Vorusku system was first mentioned in the 2009 reference book The Essential Atlas, authored by Jason Fry and Daniel Wallace, which placed it in grid square P-17.[7]


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