The Vorzydiaks were a race of Near-Humans indigenous to Vorzyd IV and Vorzyd V. They were tall and gaunt with yellowish-green skin, larger than normal eyes, and a pair of antennae.

Society and culture[edit | edit source]

Vorzydiak children attended school every day of the week, and began working one day a week at the age of ten. Every year the child would take on an additional work day, becoming a full time worker at the age of seventeen. Upon reaching seventy years old, the worker was allowed to retire, more because of their uselessness than anything else. At this point, most Vorzydiaks died of a lack of purpose.

In their personal lives, the Vorzydiaks were quiet and reserved. They were also very serious, so much so that trivialities like fun and games were looked down upon. Most preferred to be alone, and as a culture they made little effort to interact with other worlds.

This changed with the rise of the Freelies, a youth organization which committed acts of sabotage in hopes of bringing about social change.

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