Voss-Ka was the mountaintop capital city of the Voss, a species native to the planet of the same name.[1] The city was fortified and defended by commandos and Voss Mystics against the attacks of the Gormak, who viewed the Voss as an abomination.[2] The city housed the Tower of Prophecy, as well as the embassies of the Sith Empire and Galactic Republic,[1] established after the failed conquest attempt by the empire.[2]

The Voss were said to be great lovers of art who had developed a distinct style had been in existence for thousands of years circa 3653 BBY.[3] The architecture of Voss-Ka followed this distinctive style.[1]

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The city of Voss-Ka was first mentioned on the Star Wars: The Old Republic media website with the announcement of the planet Voss.[2] The name of the settlement was provided along with a screenshot of the city in-game.[1]

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