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"Now, suppose we discuss your Rebel friends, hm?"
―Vost Tyne[src]

Vost Tyne was a Force-sensitive Human male Imperial Navy admiral and Dark Side Adept who ran a hyperbaride synthesis plant on the planet Marca. Tyne served the Empire in the Navy and, after attaining the rank of admiral, began working very closely with the Dark Lord Darth Vader. The two formed a close relationship, and Vader began training Tyne in the dark side of the Force. Tyne became proficient in many Force abilities under Vader's tutelage, including Force Choke, and soon tested his abilities against a novice Jedi. With Vader's assistance, Tyne was able to retire his commission in the Navy and gain a high position in a hyperbaride synthesis plant on Marca that had recently been taken over by the Empire. Once there, he assassinated the plant's managing director, Arviz Linden, and the head of the plant's mercenary security force, Gayle Sertim, on suspicion of collaboration with the Rebel Alliance. After Tyne became the new managing director, he subjected the plant to his cruel methods and tightened the plant's security.

Tyne eventually came into conflict with a group of Rebel agents who accidentally crashed on Marca. Though Tyne sent swamp troopers and repulsor scouts after them, the Rebels continued to evade capture and infiltrated the plant with the intention of shutting it down. As the Alliance agents launched an attack with the help of the planet's native Sekct, Tyne arrested Gayle Sertim's younger sisters, Marci and Darci, who had betrayed him by assisting the Rebels. While Tyne imprisoned Marci in one of the plant's detention cells, he took Darci to his personal suite and began interrogating her for information on the Alliance operatives. Tyne's interrogation was cut short as Marci escaped imprisonment and overloaded the plant's hyperbatteries, initiating its self-destruction. Tyne fled through a secret turbolift to the plant's landing bay and escaped Marca through hyperspace in a TIE fighter, swearing vengeance against the Rebels.


Training and ascentEdit

"As the enclosed progress report indicates, production of hyperbarides has increased dramatically since I assumed control of this plant from Arviz Linden."
―Vost Tyne, in a report to Aaz'del Hutrick[src]

Vost Tyne was a Force-sensitive Human male who served the Galactic Empire in the Imperial Navy. He eventually rose to the rank of admiral and commanded a Star Destroyer in a battle group assigned to work with Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the Sith. Tyne began working very closely with Vader, and the two were rumored to have developed a friendship. Tyne looked up to Vader as a mentor, and the Dark Lord soon began training him in the dark side of the Force.[1] With the permission of Emperor Palpatine,[2] Tyne was trained to be fully adept at dark side techniques. He soon put his abilities to the test and killed an aspiring Jedi, then took the Jedi's lightsaber as a trophy and taught himself how to use it.[1]

Tyne retired his commission from the Imperial Navy after the Empire took control of Dynamic Synergetics, Inc., a corporation that owned a plant on the swamp planet Marca. The plant processed hyperbarides, a group of rare super-heavy elements used in the production of turbolasers, making it an asset to the Empire. With Vader's personal influence, Tyne was able to gain a position as the executive assistant to Arviz Linden, the hyperbaride plant's managing director. Tyne's job was to keep an eye on Linden, who disliked many of the changes that the Empire brought to the plant.[1]

Tyne discovered that, under Linden's administration, the plant had been working at only 25% of its total capacity, largely because Linden had sought to prevent undue ecological damage to Marca's environment and its native species, the reptilian Sekct. The Empire, however, ordered Linden to bring production up to maximum capacity. Linden attempted to fight this directive but failed, and tried to contact the Rebel Alliance for aid. Discovering this, Tyne Force Choked Linden to death and made his death look like an accident.[1]

Tyne became the plant's new managing director and increased hyperbaride production dramatically, as he noted in a report to Director Aaz'del Hutrick of the Imperial Department of Munitions Resource Development. Tyne included a complete survey of the Marcellus system in his report and argued that the increases in military production and economic benefit for the Empire due to increased hyperbaride production more than justified any harm caused to Marca's ecosystem. The Managing Director demoted Linden's former personal assistant, the protocol droid M-3PO-C, and installed an override in the plant's computer system with the intention of alerting the plant's security forces should the droid attempt to access databases below his clearance. M-3PO-C was replaced by D-3P-O2, Tyne's loyal secretary droid, who worked outside of the Managing Director's office.[1]

Gayle Sertim, leader of the plant's mercenary security force, believed foul play was involved in Linden's death. Tyne, aware of Sertim's previous loyalty to Linden and concern for the Sekct, kept her under close surveillance. After Tyne learned that Sertim had attempted to contact members of the Rebellion, he sent her off-planet on a shuttle equipped with a power coupling that was booby-trapped with a thermex charge. Tyne remotely detonated the charge and destroyed the ship, killing Sertim. He fabricated a cover story blaming the incident on an attack by Rebel starfighters, which was universally accepted, even by Sertim's younger sisters, Marci and Darci, who took over their sister's position in leading the plant's civilian security force.[1]

Rebel incursionEdit

"So we have some visitors to our facility. We must dispatch some troops to greet our visitors in the proper manner."
―Vost Tyne[src]

Tyne arrests Marci and Darci Sertim.

Sometime after the Battle of Yavin, a group of six Rebel agents accidentally crash-landed on Marca after attempting to take a shortcut through the Marcellus Nebula on their way to meet Admiral Ackbar in the Sumitra sector. Tyne was notified of the crash immediately by a technician and ordered a force of eight swamp troopers and two repulsor scouts to be sent out to investigate the crash site and capture any survivors. More troops and repulsor scouts were deployed once the Alliance agents persisted in evading capture. The plant was soon infiltrated by the Rebels, who decided to try and shut down the facility to save Marca and find a ship to escape the planet with. Once inside, the Rebels accessed the plant's computer systems with the help of a sympathetic M-3PO-C, who triggered Tyne's override and alerted the plant's security forces, which were able to capture the Rebels. The Alliance operatives were imprisoned and readied for interrogation.[1]

Tyne soon discovered that the Rebels had escaped with the help of Marci and Darci Sertim, who had learned of their sister's true fate from the agents. The Rebels fled with weapons and repulsor scouts, mobilizing the Sekct for a final offensive against Tyne and the Imperials. Tyne had the sisters arrested in the plant's security control room and was able to eavesdrop on them and learn their plan using the Force. He imprisoned Marci in the plant's detention cells, while he held Darci hostage in his personal suite. He decided to allow the Sekct to approach the plant, believing that the superior training of his troops would lead to a substantial number of Sekct casualties during the battle. Tyne drew his troops together and prepared them for close combat with the Sekct, arming them with whatever weapons had not been raided by the Alliance agents and the Sertim sisters. He left only a skeleton force inside the plant, confident that the Rebels would not be able to penetrate the facility, and summoned a detachment of six troops to serve as his personal guard.[1]

While the battle between the Imperial forces and the alliance of Sekct, Rebels, and civilian mercenaries broke out outside, Tyne began interrogating Darci in his suite to gain information on the Rebel agents. After immobilizing Darci with binders around her wrists and ankles, Tyne used his Force abilities to inflict pain on the mercenary and directly affect her mind. Tyne halted the interrogation once the plant's warning system announced an overload of the plant's hyperbatteries, which had been initiated by a recently liberated Marci. Tyne took his personal turbolift down to the plant's landing bay in an attempt to escape the doomed facility while keeping Darci as a hostage. He eventually came into conflict with the Alliance agents and surrendered his weapon in a feint, using his Force powers against them and attempting to utilize Darci as a Human shield.[1]

Tyne fled the self-destructing plant in a TIE fighter and jumped to hyperspace. He decided against reporting to the Imperial Military, not wanting to face the repercussions of the plant's destruction, and instead devoted his time to plotting his revenge against the Rebels.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

"Analysis of dead Sekct bodies indicates that the race is absorbing a great deal of the toxic emissions from the plant. They have a highly reactive genetic structure and my head researcher believes the species will die out within two generations. Naturally, this is a tolerable loss, at least to my way of thinking."
―Vost Tyne, in a report to Aaz'del Hutrick[src]

Tyne escapes aboard a TIE fighter.

Cold, calculating, and incredibly cruel, Vost Tyne managed to create an aura of intimidation and fear wherever he went, and those around him swore that his evil was a palpable presence. He was intelligent, ruthless, sly, and was good at turning any situation to his advantage through the use of trickery. He had a total disregard for life and was willing to commit genocide against the Sekct to increase hyperbaride production for the Empire. Tyne's voice was cold and hard, and he typically spoke in a brusque, military manner. He was a tall, thin, and austere individual with cold gray eyes, and as managing director, he wore a severe black outfit vaguely reminiscent of an Imperial military uniform. Tyne directly commanded the plant's Imperial security force.[1]

Tyne's loyalty was always first to himself, and then to the Empire. He put his own safety above that of all others, and if D-3P-O2 reported a security incident at his office while the plant was on alert status, all personnel would be ordered to the area immediately to assist him no matter what else might have been going on. Security at the hyperbaride plant under Tyne's administration was very tight. A turbolift leading to the plant's landing bay, accessible only to Tyne through a magnetic key he kept on his person at all times, was placed in his luxurious suite. A powerful computer terminal was located in his office that allowed him access to all of the plant's systems, and the only control to the landing bay's roof door was also in his office.[1]

Tyne was extremely cautious, keeping his executive quarters locked with a combination that only he knew. He kept two hold-out blasters and a heavy blaster pistol hidden in his quarters, as well as another hold-out blaster concealed beneath his pillow in his bedroom. Tyne had a very close, personal relationship with Darth Vader, who helped him hone his Force skills and gain a high position at the plant. He kept a hologram of himself during his time as an admiral standing next to Vader in his personal quarters. Also located in his quarters, attached to a trophy base, was a fully functioning lightsaber that he had taken from a Jedi whom he had killed.[1]

Powers and abilitiesEdit

"…We can kill Tyne—we'll surprise him so he can't use his abilities."
―Darci Sertim[src]

Under the tutelage of his master, Darth Vader, Vost Tyne learned much about the dark side of the Force. He became proficient in many Force abilities, including those in the realms of Control, Sense, and Alter. Those under his command at the plant believed him to be a strange sorcerer with powers evil beyond understanding. He used the Force to aid him in his interrogation of Darci Sertim, causing the mercenary pain and altering her mind. He was also able to use the Force to discreetly eavesdrop on the Sertim sisters and learn of their plan to destroy the plant. He used Vader's signature Force Choke on Arviz Linden, rupturing the Managing Director's trachea and killing him. Tyne taught himself how to use the lightsaber he took from a dead Jedi.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

"It was fun to take a more or less cookiee [sic] cutter villain and do something meaningful with him."
―Abel G. Peña, on writing Tyne in the canceled Vader's Legacy article[src]

Vost Tyne was created for the Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game adventure Planet of the Mists, written by Nigel D. Findley and published by West End Games in 1992, in which he appeared as the central villain. Tyne was illustrated by Tim Eldred, who provided the interior artwork for the entire adventure. While all of the events described above occur in the adventure, many of the specific details and certain outcomes, such as Tyne's ultimate fate, are determined by the players. The character may die at the end of the adventure, or he may be kept alive to be used as a recurring villain in an ongoing campaign.[1] Tyne was later given a brief mention in Darth Vader's Databank entry.[2]

Tyne's relationship with Vader was to be expanded upon in the Star Wars Insider article Vader's Legacy by Abel G. Peña.[3] However, Lucasfilm Ltd. canceled the article, and it was never published.[4]



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