"It's not the money I want. It's the power."
―Vox Chun to Kad Chun[src]

Vox Chun was the father of Bruck Chun and Kad Chun. He was also the treasurer on Telos IV during the reign of Xanatos.


Chun was manipulated into using Telos's gambling craze, Katharsis, as a method to fund UniFy and, ultimately, Offworld Mining Corporation. After Jedi Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi exposed the plot, with the help of Den and Andra (Telosians) Vox Chun was placed in prison.

Soon after, he pursued his elder son's death in a Senate hearing, attempting to pin blame on young Obi-Wan for Bruck's death. His attempt failed, due to the fact that Xanatos had put a recording chip in Bruck's lightsaber. The senate was able play the tape of the fight between Obi-Wan and Bruck. Vox was left bitter and yearning for revenge.

Twelve years later, he once again encountered Obi-Wan, now a grown man and Jedi, while living on his remaining son's colony ship, full of disillusioned idealists. He was in the process of dealing with Offworld Corporation, behind his son Kad's back, for the stealing of the ship's treasury, along with an operative and spy, a 'no name'. His plan backfired when he and his accomplice (a senate no-name called Tarrence Chenati) were not going to make it out cleanly and the no name mortally wounded him with his blaster. Vox Chun died in his son's arms, but not before requesting and receiving Kad's forgiveness for his selfish lifelong plotting.

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