The voxyn queen was the name given to the genetic template for all of the voxyn, Jedi killing creatures created by the Yuuzhan Vong. In about 27 ABY, the Yuuzhan Vong Shapers mixed its appearance and abilities with that of a fero xyn, a creature native to the Yuuzhan Vong galaxy, and that of a vornskr, a creature native to the planet Myrkr in the galaxy. It was only trained to do whatever it took for her to stay alive. Eventually, the Jedi discovered that all voxyn were cloned from one template, and they sent a strike team to kill the voxyn queen. When the strike team attacked the cloning facilty onboard the Baanu Rass, a Yuuzhan Vong worldship, the other voxyn and the Yuuzhan Vong warriors there did the best they could to protect her, killing several of the Jedi. Eventually, the Jedi reached the queen and she fought and was killed by Jacen Solo by getting sucked into a dovin basal's black hole singularity.



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