"You can afford to be self-righteous, Skywalker…you've got the Force with you. All I ever had was being General Dodonna's son!"
―Vrad Dodonna to Luke Skywalker[src]

Vrad Dodonna was a Human male who was the son of General Jan Dodonna. He joined the Rebel Alliance alongside his father, becoming a starfighter pilot.


He was killed not long after the Battle of Yavin when Darth Vader brought the Super Star Destroyer Executor to destroy the Rebels that had been blockaded by the Imperial Navy. Vrad's scout ship fled from the battle unharmed. Later, the Millennium Falcon came across the graveyard of ships, and while looking at the devastation, Luke Skywalker glimpsed Vrad's ship. When the Falcon arrived on Yavin IV, his ship soon followed. After getting in a fight with Skywalker, they went on a mission to sabotage the Executor. Utilizing an ancient power gem to pierce the ship's shields, he flew his craft in a suicide run straight at the ship, disabling it and buying more time for the Rebels to finish their evacuation. His death devastated his father.

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Behind the scenesEdit

In The Official Star Wars Fact File 21 , Vrad was erroneously called General Dodonna's nephew.



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