"Now now. I know what you're thinking. But don't let my good looks intimidate you. Besides, I'm nothing like the other Hutts you may have heard of. But I'm exactly like those you've never heard of."
―Vranki the Blue[src]

Vranki, known as Vranki the Blue, was a male Hutt who ran a hotel and casino.[1]

As proprietor, host, and promoter of Vranki's Hotel and Casino, Vranki the Blue's corpulent form glided around his resort, overseeing his massive empire of gambling and racing. Although he prided himself in being different than the rest of the Hutt Clan, Vranki wasn't above cheating to ensure the odds are in his favor, especially when a substantial prize was on the line.[1]

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Vranki first appeared Star Wars Resistance episode "The Voxx Vortex 5000", played by John DiMaggio.[1] Vranki's original name in the outline of the episode was "Janki", but was later changed. According to art director Amy Beth Christenson, Vranki was originally supposed to wear a hat, but it was changed during the design phase to a Lando Calrissian-like cape. To differentiate him from the other Hutts, Vranki was given a more friendly face and an up-turned nose.[2]

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