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This article is about Vrath Xizor, the Human mercenary. You may be looking for Xizor, the Falleen leader of Black Sun.

Vrath Xizor was a male Human who served the Imperial Army as a sniper during the Great Galactic War. By 3653 BBY, he had left the army and become a mercenary who worked for a Hutt Cartel. In that year, he was hired to stop the Exchange smuggler Zeerid Korr from delivering a shipment of engspice to Coruscant. The Hutts rivaled the Exchange's control over the engspice market, and intended to force the engspice users on Coruscant to buy from them instead. Xizor set out to locate Korr and found him on the planet Vulta, where Korr's daughter, Arra Yooms, secretly lived. After spying on them in Karson's park, Xizor learned that Korr had a family, and realized that Korr would likely try to keep this a secret, as the Exchange could use his daughter for leverage. Xizor, along with his personal team, attempted to stop Korr in a spaceport as Korr tried to leave the planet, but Korr, with the help of Jedi Knight Aryn Leneer, defeated Xizor's team, killing multiple of them. Xizor anticipated Korr's next move and quickly traveled to Coruscant, where he attempted to stop Korr by warning the Sith—who had recently attacked and were blockading the planet—that Korr was going to attempt to run the blockade.

After attacking going aboard the ship and attacking the Sith guards simply to prove a point, Vrath was then escorted to the bridge, where he encountered the Sith Lord Darth Malgus. Vrath was intimidated by the Sith, and informed him that Korr and a Jedi would soon attempt to run the blockade. He witnessed Korr and Leneer's attempt to run the blockade in the starship Fatman, but the vessel was shot down, although Korr and Leneer survived. Malgus then allowed Xizor to travel down to the planet's surface in a Dragonfly-class drop ship, Razor, and he set down in Liston Spaceport. However, soon afterward, Korr attempted to commandeer the drop ship, and the two engaged each other in unarmed combat. They fought in a fierce battle, both men receiving heavy injuries due their military combat training, but Korr eventually subdued Xizor. Korr soon realize that Xizor knew about his daughter, and also realized that if he let the man leave, that he would be able to do nothing to stop Xizor from revealing the secret of his family to the Exchange. Although Xizor tried to convince Korr to release him, Korr reluctantly decided that Xizor could not be trusted, and pushed Xizor out the drop ship's airlock, killing him.



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