"Not enough fur here to yield a berry pouch, but here's a meal fit even for me, the king of the Duloks."

Vulgarr was the king of a band of Duloks on the Forest Moon of Endor. The gray and brown creature was pompous and arrogant, claiming to be the king of all Duloks. He fought with a gnarled, rootwood club and made his living by trading in Ewok fur.

Some time before the Battle of Endor, Vulgarr tricked the Ewoks of Bright Tree Village into believing that a wokling named Malani had been kidnapped by a giant forest creature. The Ewoks sent their best warriors in pursuit, leaving the village undefended. Vulgarr and his band then overwhelmed the remaining Ewoks and kidnapped their woklings.

Vulgarr led the Duloks a safe distance away with the woklings in a Dulok wagon. Then, he declared that it was time to feast. A Dulok nicknamed Crooked Tail took the chance to challenge Vulgarr's rule, but he was defeated by one of the king's guards. However, the would-be picnic was interrupted yet again by the same Ewok warriors the Duloks had earlier deceived. The Ewok Teebo, who had evaded the Dulok's earlier raid, freed his fellow woklings only to be taken hostage by the Dulok king. A giant creature called the Grudakk appeared, scaring the Duloks away and snatching Vulgarr up. Under a spell by Logray, the Ewok shaman, Vulgarr found himself stiffened and could not move. The Ewoks planted him ankle-deep in the soil and left him to his fate.



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