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"And back again is the mighty Dud Bolt with that incredible machine - the Vulptereen 327!"
Fode, a podrace commentator[src]

The Vulptereen 327 was a podracer that was used by the podracer pilot Dud Bolt for multiple Boonta Eve Classic races located on the planet Tatooine. During the Invasion of Naboo, Bolt piloted his Vulptereen 327 in yet another Boonta race. Bolt started in the second row, but fell behind quickly when the race began. He didn't win the Boonta, as it was by the human Anakin Skywalker.[1] He later used the racer on an ice covered location, shortly before the start of the Clone Wars.[2] Bolt's Vulptereen 327 was predominantly red in color, although the paint was scratched off and damaged in many areas on the engine units. The front end of both engines was a dull gray color.[1]

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The Vulptereen 327 first appeared in the 1999 film Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace,[1] and later briefly appeared in its sequel, Attack of the Clones.[2] Both films were directed by George Lucas.[1][2] In early sketches of the podracer's design, the engines were reversed.[3] This reversed appearance carried over into early animatics of the podracing sequence.[4]

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