"Mind the lesson of Vuras. Revenge, this Jedi sought. Employed the tactics of his enemy, he did. Defeated them, he did. But destroyed himself also, yes."
―Yoda, to Ki-Adi Mundi[src]

Vuras was a male member of the Jedi Order. At some point prior to 33 BBY, Vuras adopted his enemy's tactics to exact revenge against them. However, Vuras' efforts in defeating his foes destroyed him. Master Yoda would later cite Vuras' example during a training session with the Cerean Padawan Ki-Adi-Mundi.[1]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Vuras was created by Dark Horse Comics editor Peet Janes, who wrote the story Prelude to Rebellion 0. The issue served as an online preview for the first story arc of the Star Wars: Republic comic book series.

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