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The Vurk were a reptilian sentient species that was native to the planet Sembla. They had green,[1] dark green,[2] or gray skin.[4] It was thought that the Vurk were a primitive species, but they were highly empathetic and skilled mediators. They had a bony crest sitting atop their heads. The head crest was a key feature of the species and continued to grow throughout the life of the Vurk.[1] Jedi Master Coleman Trebor was a member of this species.[4] Another Vurk was Sweitt Concorkill who was present at the Galaxies Opera House with Supreme Chancellor Palpatine on Coruscant during the last days of the Clone Wars.[5]

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The Vurk bear a resemblance to the crested hadrosaur dinosaur Parasaurolophus.[7][8]

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