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Vurks were the predominant sentient species of the planet Sembla. They were tall, amphibious humanoids with bulbous dark eyes and sweeping head crests. Their hands and feet had three digits each, one of which was opposable. They had distinguishing gray-green, leathery skin.

Biology and appearance[]


Jedi Master Coleman Trebor

The Vurk were reptilian amphibians. They were tall, with gray-green skin and crested heads. Their hands had two fingers and an opposable thumb.[2]

Society and culture[]

Young Vurk males were married off by their parents; those who failed to marry before reaching adulthood remained bachelors for the rest of their lives.

Vurk in the galaxy[]

The Vurk Coleman Trebor defied the cultural norm and went on to become a Jedi Master and Jedi High Council member who fought and died during the First Battle of Geonosis after being shot by bounty hunter Jango Fett. Another Vurk, Senator Sweitt Concorkill, accompanied Supreme Chancellor Palpatine to a performance of Squid Lake at the Galaxies Opera House during the Clone Wars.

Behind the scenes[]

The Vurk's protruding head crest is similar in appearance to the head crest of the hadrosaurid Parasaurolophus.

MAD Magazine satirically referred to the Vurk as "shoehorns".



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