"I am an engineer. I work for whoever hires me."

Vylagos was a male Skakoan engineer from the Core World of Skako who built experimental weapons and war matériel for the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars. Around 21 BBY, he invented a wormhole generator that was accidentally activated by the 313th Legion, a Republic military unit, on the planet Ando Prime. Another Republic unit, Excelsior Company, later encountered Vylagos on Ando Prime during the investigation of the 313th's disappearance.

Biography[edit | edit source]

"I can assure you I mean you no harm. […] This machine is my invention."
"So you're working with the Separatists?"
"Working for the Separatists is more correct. I have no loyalty to either side in this ridiculous war. And I can prove it to you. I assume you are here to locate your lost Republic legion. I can tell you how to find them."
"I'm listening."
―Vylagos, interrogated by Vargus[src]

Sometime before the Clone Wars, Vylagos, a Skakoan male, was born on the planet Skako[1] in the Core Worlds.[2] By 21 BBY,[3] he had been hired as an engineer by the Confederacy of Independent Systems. During his time in the employment of the Confederacy, he invented at least two weapons. One of them was a wormhole generator, which was intended to be used in a sneak attack against the galactic capital Coruscant by transporting battalions of battle droids straight into the capital without having to break through its extensive defenses. Vylagos developed the wormhole generator[1] on the Mid Rim[4][5] planet Ando Prime under the protection of Confederate General Terrus. Before the generator could be perfected, however, it was accidentally activated by the Galactic Republic's 313th Legion and Jedi Master Po Bandis during a battle on the planet; and the device sent Terrus, the 313th's clone troopers, and the Jedi Master off-world in a matter of seconds. Vylagos was later found on Ando Prime by the Republic's Excelsior Company, which had been sent to investigate the 313th's disappearance.[1]

Vylagos was then interrogated by Vargus, the company's clone leader. Afterward, Vargus forced the Skakoan to activate the device twice more, sending clones to a planet on the other side of the galaxy and back to rescue the lost legion of troopers.[1]

Personality and traits[edit | edit source]

"I do not get involved in politics."

Vylagos was disdainful of the Confederacy and politics in general. He instead worked for whomever hired him, regardless of their political stance. He also had an interest in monetary gain, keen enough that Po Bandis noted that Vylagos would do anything for money.[1]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Vylagos was created for the 2008 book The Clone Wars: The Lost Legion, a Decide Your Destiny young reader book based on the Star Wars: The Clone Wars film. The book was written by Jake Forbes.

Alternative outcomes[edit | edit source]

Since The Lost Legion is a Decide Your Destiny novel, there are many alternative outcomes for the situation depicted within, and these are all decided upon by the reader. This article details the path in which Vylagos is featured the most; and the alternative paths are listed below.

When elements of Excelsior Company begin investigating the missing legion's disappearance, they come upon a device dropped by the cyborg Supreme Commander of the Droid Armies, Grievous. Following coordinates on the scanner, they find Vylagos trying to escape from a Confederate outpost. The clone troopers then have the choice of whether to follow Vylagos immediately or radio to their commander for further orders. If the reader decides to have the characters contact the commander, the superior officer orders the clone troopers to chase after Vylagos. However, the troopers do not catch Vylagos in time, and he escapes. If the reader chooses to have the protagonists follow Vylagos without contacting their commander, the clones catch the Skakoan before he escapes, and the rest of Excelsior Company arrives at the outpost to interrogate him. Vylagos then tells the company of his creation, and of how the 313th Legion accidentally activated it. The reader then has a choice to either have the characters transport through a wormhole created by the machine or stay behind. If the reader decides on the latter course, the machine malfunctions and is destroyed, transporting several clone troopers to a random location in the process. The remaining troopers of Excelsior Company then force Vylagos to begin building a new machine, even though it will take several months to complete. If the trooper decides to go through the wormhole, they will be transported to a planet beyond the Outer Rim.[1]

Another way Excelsior Company can first encounter Vylagos is during a reconnaissance mission around Ando Prime. While two of the troopers are carrying out this mission, they find the Confederate outpost. Inside, they come across Vylagos, lying unconscious on a table. One of the troopers, a medic, inspects Vylagos with his FX-3 medical assistant droid. The medic then must choose to inject Vylagos with bacta or to operate on him directly. If the medic chooses to operate, his unfamiliarity with the Skakoan anatomy causes him to make his incision in the wrong place, sending Vylagos into a coma. Republic scientists are then sent to Ando Prime to examine the comatose Skakoan and his invention. If the medic chooses the bacta injection, Vylagos wakes up and explains his invention to the two troopers. The rest of Excelsior Company then arrives, and Vylagos, using his invention, sends several of them to the planet to which the 313th Legion was transported. Later, the clones return with the lost legion of clone troopers and destroy Vylagos's invention.[1]

A third way of encountering Vylagos is during a mission to infiltrate the Confederate compound on Ando Prime. Vargus and a demolitions expert find Vylagos's wormhole creator, which is guarded by an electromagnetic field generator. The demolitions expert then has to make the decision whether to destroy the EMF generator or use an electric pulse to disable it. If the expert decides to blow the generator up, the explosion also destroys Vylagos's invention, resulting in the expert being sent back to Kamino—the homeworld of the clone troopers—to be reconditioned for a new specialization. If the expert decides to use a pulse, the generator is deactivated. Vylagos comes out and is interrogated by Vargus, revealing that to bring the 313th Legion back to Ando Prime, he needs supplies to repair the wormhole generator, which is supposedly broken. Several troopers are sent to a nearby trading post to acquire these parts; however, the alleged location of the trading post is actually a snow beast nest, as Vylagos led the troopers into a trap. Returning to the compound, the troopers then force Vylagos to activate the wormhole generator for real, sending a squad of clones to rescue the 313th Legion.[1]

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