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"Your ship is transporting a known anti-Imperial terrorist and seditionist, the so-called Ambassador Vyn Asara. I've come to collect her"
―Grand Moff Rycus Kilran[1]

Vyn Asara was a female Rutian Twi'lek who served the Galactic Republic as an ambassador during the Cold War.


Vyn Asara was a female Rutian Twi'lek who lived during the Cold War. She worked her way up through the Galactic Republic's diplomatic circles, eventually becoming an ambassador to the Sith Empire. Asara was designated a terrorist and seditionist by the Sith for working from within Imperial space to convince worlds to ally with the Republic. Her work earned the personal ire of Grand Moff Rycus Kilran.

Around 3643 BBY, she was aboard the cruiser Esseles en route to Coruscant when Kilran tried to capture her. Kilran's forces boarded the Esseles, but they were only a diversion to distract a group of potential defenders that were aboard. The real threat was a squad of Mandalorians led by the veteran Ironfist, who seized the bridge and captured the command crew.

The Ambassador tried to convince the heroes to gain access to the bridge by resetting the reactor, which would disengage the security locks, but also vent the engineering compartment, killing Chief Engineer Salen and his crew trapped within. The group refused, shutting down the secondary conduits instead and achieving the same result.

After the allies defeated Ironfist and freed the crew, Asara convinced them to take one of the Esseles' shuttles over to Kilran's ship and disable the tractor beam holding the cruiser. First Officer Haken attempted to convince them to leave the ambassador on Kilran's ship to ensure the Imperials would not follow, but they refused. The allies boarded the ship with a group of security forces and Asara, who was familiar with the layout of that type of Imperial warship. Asara and the guards waited in the hangar while the heroes disabled the tractor beam, but the ambassador was attacked by the Sith apprentice Vokk just as they returned. He killed the security forces and choked Asara, but threw her aside as the others entered the hangar. They managed to defeat the Sith and his troops, and informed the ambassador of Haken's proposal as they were about to leave.

Asara thanked them for informing her of the officer's treachery, and confronted Haken when they arrived back on the Esseles. The Esseles continued on its way to Coruscant, where the ambassador could continue her mission.

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Players can choose to take Asara back to the Esseles (light side choice) or leave her behind as Haken asked (dark side choice).



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