"There! Intruder! Bol, call for backup, now!"
―Commander Vyru, after seeing a member of Havoc Squad in the Separatist base on Mannett Point[src]

Vyru was a Human male who lived during the Cold War between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire. In 3643 BBY, he was serving in the Mantellian Separatist Movement with the rank of commander during the Separatist War, the group's attempt to overthrow the government of the planet Ord Mantell. Vyru and the forces of the cell he commanded on the island of Avilatan fought against the Republic military forces backing Ord Mantell's government, and during that year, Vyru went to discuss personnel transfers with two other Separatist cell commanders named Bol and Saphrro at the Separatist Base on Mannett Point, a small island off the coast of Avilatan. However, while the meeting was taking place, a newly recruited sergeant of the Republic Special Forces unit Havoc Squad infiltrated the base, eliminated Vyru and the other commanders, and obtained the data they had on their forces.


"Saphrro, Vyru and Bol are priority-one targets, Sergeant. And recovering their data on separatist cell locations and manpower is too good an opportunity to pass up."
―Lieutenant Aric Jorgan, ordering the Havoc Squad sergeant to eliminate Vyru and the other commanders and take their data[src]

Vyru, after spotting the Havoc Squad Sergeant

A Human male, Vyru was alive during the time of the Cold War, a period of unrest between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire. During the larger conflict, he was part of a Separatist Movement on Ord Mantell that started a conflict[2] known as the Separatist War[3] in order to overthrow the planet's government, which was backed by the Republic.[2] By the year 3643 BBY,[1] Vyru had risen to the rank of commander and was in charge of one of the Separatist cells fighting against the Republic's armed forces on Avilatan, an island on Ord Mantell. By that time, he had gained a reputation with the Separatists and was viewed by an officer named Dalern as one of the group's greatest heroes. That year, Vyru went to coordinate operations and the transfer of troops between the various cells at a Separatist base on Mannett Point, a small island off the coast of Avilatan. While they were there, the base's security was increased dramatically with additional guards and the installation of a force field generator to the entrance of the meeting area.[2]

However, while Vyru had his meeting with two other Separatist cell commanders named Bol and Saphrro, the heavily defended base was infiltrated by two members of the Republic Special Forces unit known by the name Havoc Squad, Captain Zora and a newly recruited sergeant, who had come to the base looking for a stolen ZR-57 orbital strike bomb. When they did not find the bomb after disabling the force field, they interrogated Dalern and learned that Vyru and the others were present at the base. After learning the information, Lieutenant Aric Jorgan[2] of Ord Mantell Infantry Command[4] instructed the sergeant to eliminate Vyru and the other separatist commanders as priority-one targets as well as to obtain the information they had about the location and strength of Separatist forces. Despite Vyru and Bol noticing the sergeant approach, they were unable to defeat the individual, and Saphrro failed to delete the data before they were all killed.[2]

Personality and traits[]

"It's because… well… Saphrro, Vyru and Bol are here. Three of our greatest heroes who lead us in our glorious—"
―Officer Dalern, before being cut off by Captain Zora[src]

Vyru had blond hair, blue eyes, and fair skin. During his time as a Separatist cell commander, Vyru was viewed by Separatist Officer Dalern to be one the Separatist Movement's greatest heroes. Vyru's rank gave him a large amount of knowledge about Separatist cells and troop strengths on the island of Avilatan, and he was responsible for coordinating operations and troop transfers with other cell commanders. Vyru and his fellow commanders were important enough to be classified as priority-one targets by Republic Lieutenant Aric Jorgan. Vyru had sufficient skill to use a blaster pistol in combat against the recruit sent to eliminate him.[2]


While serving the Mantellian Separatists as a commander, Vyru carried a blaster pistol and wore armor of a similar color and appearance to that worn by other Separatists on Ord Mantell during the conflict.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Vyru first appears in Star Wars: The Old Republic, a 2011 MMORPG produced by BioWare. He is featured in "Mannett Point," an early quest available on the planet Ord Mantell for players of the Trooper class. To end the quest the player is required to kill Vyru, along with Bol and Saphrro, the other two Separatist cell commanders with him at Mannett Point. After killing the commanders, the player must retrieve their data on the Separatist cells and forces for the island of Avilatan.[2]


Notes and references[]

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