"Do you feel lucky, alien scum?"
―Vytor Shrike[src]

Vytor Shrike was a Gand bounty hunter and findsman who was active on Tatooine. In appearance he resembled Zuckuss, and may have dressed to capitalize on the similarities in order to get more clients.



Vytor Shrike

Shrike eventually left his trade to join a group of freedom fighters led by Adar Tallon. He was incredibly loyal to Tallon and became Tallon's first officer aboard the Battalion. Shrike was also instrumental in staging Tallon's death to divert attention from the Galactic Empire.

After leaving Tallon's service, Shrike stayed on Tatooine where he eventually became restless. To satisfy his adventurous spirit, Shrike had a brief stint as a mercenary. Around 0 BBY Shrike learned that a large bounty had been placed on Tallon's head. Although Shrike now felt only loyal to himself, he returned to Tatooine to help his former commander.


Vytor Shrike equipped a heavy set of body armor that contained, among other things, his wide array of weapons. Shrike was usually equipped with a vibroblade, a blaster pistol, and four stun grenades. Along with his weapons, Shrike had a sensor array and a computer strapped around his neck. Also, as with other breathing Gands, Shrike was forced to wear a protective suit and respirator outside of his home planet.



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