"Crates of gold and guns and garnets, green hides from Saheelindeel, the mending mud of Draflago, and quids of juicy chak-root, packing the pincher-horn of a W'iiri. The son takes after the father, a pirate to the core."
―Xer VIII, according to The Pirate Prince[src]

The W'iiri were a six-legged sentient species with horn plating and pincers. A number of W'iiri worked for J'uoch, the leader of a criminal mining operation, on the planet Dellalt. They were present when J'uoch's mining camp came under attack from reactivated robots that had been part of Xim's Guardian Corps; three W'iiri died while defending the camp against the attack.

Biology and appearance[]

The W'iiri were a horn-plated sentient species with dangerous pincer-horns. They had six legs, on which they appeared to scuttle.[1]


"We've got no time to debate this, J'uoch; you and your whole camp are about to come under attack!"
―Han Solo[src]

The W'iiri were mentioned in The Pirate Prince, a dramatization of the conquests of Xim the Despot written by the Lisst'n dramatist Lyechusas, circa 25,000 BBY. It included a W'iiri pincher-horn among the spoils of the Despot's conquests.[2]

Three W'iiri were killed by one Guardian Corps war robot.

During the final years of the Galactic Empire, a number of W'iiri worked for J'uoch, the leader of a criminal mining operation, on the planet Dellalt. In 2 BBY, Han Solo tried to sneak up on J'uoch's mining camp, but he inadvertently triggered a sensor net. One of the W'iiri, being a trusted employee, was issued a grenade launcher and joined a response squad to attack Solo. The rest of the response squad was composed of two Humans and a Drall; all were forced to seek cover when Solo began firing on them with a Kell Mark II heavy assault rifle. The W'iiri and its companions later tried to work their way up the hill on which Solo was located under cover fire from their companions. Nevertheless, they were again forced back by the Human.[1]

Shortly after, when the mining camp was attacked by remnants of Xim's Guardian Corps activated by Bollux, a droid companion of Solo, another three W'iiri worked together to attack one of the droids. By tearing at the droid with their pincers, they were able to do enough to destroy it, but not before it smashed each of them, tossing them aside to die.[1] Shortly after their sacrifice, the remainder of the droids were defeated; however, not before they overran the camp.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

The W'iiri were created by Brian Daley for Han Solo and the Lost Legacy, published by Del Rey in 1980. They later received a mention in Xim Week: The Despotica (Part II: The Pirate Prince), written by Michael Kogge and released in 2009 as a Hyperspace-exclusive article.


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