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"You ordered the cream of fleek eel, right? Careful, hon, the plate's hot. And the fleek eels bite."
FLO, the WA-7 droid at Dex's Diner[src]

The WA-7 service unit, commonly known as the WA-7 waitress droid was a third-degree service droid produced by GoCorp and Utilitech during the Mondeo Modernist period of the Galactic Republic.



Marwigo, a waitress droid at the Stobar diner

The design of the WA-7 droid was typical of the era, consisting of streamlined contours, elliptical shapes and whimsical embellishments. The droid was propelled by an effective unipod wheel supported by gyro-balance circuitry. The unipod's drive impellers generated enough power for quick bursts of speed ideal for use within confined spaces such as the floor of a dining establishment. In addition, the droid's design was embellished with a metallic skirt and matching head fins.

The droid was fitted with more practical features, however, including a built-in order transmitter whose range could easily cover the interior of any diner or restaurant, and a vocoder allowing the droid to interact socially with patrons. Facial-recognition software enabled WA-7 units to recall customers' likenesses, and thus identify "regulars". The droid also sported a built-in comlink which could contact local authorities in some cases.[source?]


WA-7 units remained in use throughout the Mondeo Modernist period and beyond, even into the era of the Clone Wars. By this point, although many still operated as waitresses, some WA-7 units took odd jobs such as courier work, and private collectors even entered a WA-7 team into the nuna-ball league. The WA-7 players defeated Serv-O-Droid's RIC droid team in a match in 22 BBY. Another notable unit was the WA-7 nicknamed "FLO", who operated in Dex's Diner in the last decades of the Republic.

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