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"I am more than just a pilot!"

WAC-47 was a modified DUM-series pit droid[1] who served the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars. He was a part of D-Squad along with several other droids on an important mission, serving under Colonel Meebur Gascon and piloting his ship. WAC-47 was programmed as a pilot, but felt he was capable of more. He repeatedly referred to Gascon by the incorrect rank of Corporal, apparently as a part of a "program glitch." He did not get along well with Gascon at first, as he treated the droids as property,[2] though they eventually came to understand and respect each other and WAC was promoted to Corporal by Gascon.[5]




WAC-47 walks into a wall, much to the amusement of his squadmates.

During the Clone Wars, WAC-47 served in the 91st Recon Corps, reporting to Clone trooper Commander Neyo.[2] In 19 BBY,[6] WAC was drafted into Colonel Meebur Gascon's D-Squad. WAC arrived late for Master Windu's briefing on their mission at the Jedi Temple. WAC assigned to pilot their shuttle.

Mission to steal a Separatist encryption module[]

During the initial start of their mission, WAC piloted on a collision course to get the Providence-class Dreadnought's attention. After boarding the dreadnought, WAC was able to distract the battle droids stationed at the dreadnoughts vault. After acquiring the Encryption module, WAC and the rest of the squad were then confronted by the dreadnought's super tactical droid, Aut-O. Together, they were able to put him out of commission and escape from the dreadnought.[3]

The Void[]


WAC riding Void Striders next to Colonel Gascon

Enroute to Coruscant, WAC and D-squad's shuttle ran into a comet storm. Despite the difficulty, WAC was able to get the shuttle out of hyperspace. Unfortunately, the shuttle crashed on Abafar. WAC attempted to take command of the squad, but the unit abandoned him and Gascon. Coming to an understanding, Gascon and WAC were able to work together, leading to Gascon promoting WAC to corporal. Together, they then discovered a Void strider stampede and use it to reach Pons Ora and rejoin the squad.[5]

The MIA clone[]

Upon making their way to Pons Ora, WAC accompanied Gascon to Power Sliders for some refreshment while the astromechs perform reconnaissance around town to look for hostiles. But upon announcing themselves, Gascon and WAC are rudely shooed out by the diner's cook, Borkus. WAC takes Gascon to the side of the diner where a swarm of bugs are scurrying towards the garbage. Though disgusted at the thought of eating leftovers, Gascon sees no alternative. But before he can take a bite, a human dishwasher named Gregor steps out of the diner to throw out the garbage, accidentally hitting Gascon. Apologizing for his mistake, Gregor offers to give him some food on the side. However, Gascon stares at Gregor and identifies him as a clone trooper. Gregor apparently has no idea what a clone is and is forced to return to work. Gascon and WAC then rendezvous with the astromechs, who confirm the presence of Separatists on Abafar.[7]

D-Squad returns to the landing zone, confirming that Borkus was telling the truth. D-Squad unanimously agree to save the cruiser. Gregor provides cover fire for Gascon and the droids as they make their way to the shuttle. However, the battle droids spot D-Squad and open fire on them. A stray shot hits a Rhydonium canister, knocking down BZ and Gascon inside him. The Colonel tells WAC to leave him, an order that the pit droid quickly complies with. However, Gregor comes back for him and stays behind to cover their escape. Though Gascon and R2 insists they can save him, Gregor promises he will return home. As the Separatists surround him, Gregor shoots nearby canisters, causing massive explosions. As their shuttle departs Abafar, Gascon promises that Gregor's sacrifice will not be forgotten and they will watch for his return.[7]

Saving Command Conference[]

After escaping Abafar, WAC and the rest of D-Squad made their way to the Republic cruiser. However, they discovered the Star Destroyer was under the control of a battle droid force and filled with rhydonium, turning the ship into a bomb that would destroy the Republic strategy conference over Carida. Thanks to the sacrifice of R2-D2, the Venator was destroyed before crashing into the station, with R2 himself then being repaired. WAC was then overjoyed to learn the members of D-Squad would continue to serve together for the rest of the war, much to Gascon's sorrow.[8]


During the Galactic Civil War, WAC joined the Alliance to Restore the Republic. WAC reunited with R2-D2 and helped him travel to Iego where the two spoke with C1-10P "Chopper." Chopper informed the two of a homocidal droid on Gallios, and R2 departed Iego and from WAC to find the droid in order to combat the Scourge and rescue his friend C-3PO.[4]


WAC-47 was a modified DUM-series pit droid[1] who hoped to prove himself as being more than a simple pilot during the Clone War. His antics would get on the nerves of his D-Squad commanding officer, Meebur Gascon,[5] whose rank of colonel was regularly confused with that of corporal by WAC, seemingly due to a programming glitch that failed to register the rank.[2] All the same, the two came to an understanding on Abafar,[5] even if Gascon was eager to leave WAC's company and was upset to continue serving with him after the mission. WAC, alternatively, was overjoyed to continue serving with his fellow D-Squad members after their misson.[8] Upon seeing a hologram of C-3PO, WAC stated the protocol droid was a "handsome fella."[4]

Behind the scenes[]

He is voiced by Ben Diskin.

A possible Easter Egg occurs once WAC receives his "promotion," as the WAC Corporal was a rocket used during the early days of the U.S. Space Program.



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