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WED Treadwell repair droids were class 2 repair droids manufactured by Cybot Galactica that came in a range of models.



A Jawa with a WED-15 Septoid Treadwell.

WED Treadwells were flexible[8] class 2[2] utility and repair droids.[3] Standing at around a meter tall, they came in a range of models, but all had a flat,[3] wide treaded base,[8] a spindly,[3] telescopic stalk, upon which was mounted binocular visual sensors.[1] WEDs also had a cluster of arms tipped with various tools,[3] which could be purchased separately.[1] Treadwells were used to repair ships, machinery, and other droids, but were relativity fragile and required frequent maintenance.[1] Despite this, they had the ability to keep working at optimal capacity until they were destroyed.[5]

There were four known models:


Manufactured by Cybot Galactica,[1] WED Treadwell repair droids were commonly[8] found throughout the galaxy,[3] just as helpful on a moisture farm as they were in a starship hangar.[8]

WED Treadwells were used by both sides of the Galactic Civil War; the Galactic Empire used them to repair their turrets and structures,[5] while the Alliance to Restore the Republic used them to make field repairs to vehicles in the heat of combat.[6]


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