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"Check this out—arc-welder, hydrospanner, fusioncutter, spot sprayer, foam sealant, torque wrench, and power calibrator. My Tread's a mobile multitool."
X-wing mechanic Cubber Daine[1]

The WED Treadwell was a series of maintenance droids produced by Cybot Galactica, and found across the galaxy, particularly on Outer Rim worlds such as Tatooine.



A WED on Tatooine.

The WED Treadwell was a four-armed (with additional sockets available) automaton propelled by a treaded base. The droid's photoreceptors were mounted on a long, thin telescopic stalk, from which protruded various tool-tipped appendages. The standard WED droid had sockets to support up to six manipulators, though variants carried eight or more. These limbs were easy to install and replace, and Cybot Galactica actively encouraged consumers to purchase a variety of appendages for their Treadwells.

Extending from the body is a telescoping neck, which supports a head made up of a pair of binocular photoreceptors capable of magnifying objects up to one thousand times. The Treadwell has a primitive vocabulator that enables it to warble and hoot in a machine language understood by most other droids.

With their long arms, Treadwells can reach areas inaccessible to stubby-bodied astromechs. And the price is hard to beat. Treadwells typically sell for less than similar models, and a thriving pre-owned market exists for used Treadwells and their specialty arms.

Despite this versatility, the WED Treadwell was known to be fragile, and the repair droid required much maintenance itself. Owen Lars owned a WED-15-77 nicknamed, simply, "Treadwell."

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