Dr. Wahl was a biotechnical surgeon who specialized in cybernetics and lived in Hedrett. Her career brought her great wealth, allowing her to own the only residence within Gadrin and Hedrett that stood over two stories. Her husband did not work, living off his wife's money.

The Wahls had a number of vices, which they passed on their son, Kris, such as gambling. They were not philanthropists, and regarded Kris's efforts at philanthropy as worthless nonsense. They felt that the Tarasin could take care of themselves, and did not need handouts. The Wahls were more concerned about Kris's association with Gerta Haman than they were about his gambling debts.

When Kris went missing in 31 BBY, Dr. Wahl and her husband assumed he had gone off with Gerta Haman on some sort of "foolish mission." This was not far from the truth, as he had joined her Cularin resistance.


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