Waiting is a story in Clone Wars Adventures: Volume 10. It stars a clone trooper stationed at a cannon, waiting for a Separatist army to come within range.


A clone trooper sits at a cannon overlooking a bridge, affirming to his commander that he is in position and will be ready when the Separatist droid army arrives in three hours. The Republic reinforcements are delayed, and the lone trooper is the only resistance that the droids will meet on their way to the nearby mining colony. As he lines up his shot, one of the local creatures steals the rockets for the cannon, darting into a nearby hole. The clone follows the creature, only to find that the tunnel isn't stable enough to support his weight. The creature flees and the clone, clutching the rockets, falls down into an underground lake. There, he is attacked and swallowed by a massive underwater creature, but he manages to blast his way out and is swept away by the current. Noticing that there is a waterfall up ahead, he clings onto a rock but is soon met by the same creature as before, who gleefully bangs on the clone's hands. The trooper falls down the waterfall, only to find that he is at the base of the bridge and that the Separatists are in the middle of their crossing. The clone, thinking fast, sets the rockets at the bottom of the bridge and swims away, blasting the rockets once he has reached safety. The bridge explodes, destroying the opposing army. Wet and tired, the trooper returns to his previous station, ready to pack up the cannon and move on to his next assignment. He sighs in resignation as the local creature from before darts before him, grabbing the cannon and running away and beginning a new chase.


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