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Walter "Walt" Simonson (born September 2, 1946) is a comic book creator who was a regular penciller, writer, and cover artist for the Marvel Star Wars series of comics. Simonson's early professional work was for DC Comics, illustrating war stories in the early 1970s. Soon after, he and writer Archie Goodwin co-created the critically acclaimed Manhunter backup feature in Detective Comics. Before he became the regular penciller on Star Wars, he worked on a single issue with Goodwin and they co-created the fan favorite character, Beilert Valance in The Hunter. In 1981 he took over the pencilling chores on a regular basis, and this time working with writer David Michelinie developed such characters as Shira Brie and Plif and concepts like the talking bomb. After leaving Star Wars, he began writing and illustrating The Mighty Thor series for Marvel Comics, which is probably Simonson's most notable work. He also worked with his wife and writer Louise Simonson on the hit Marvel series X-Factor.

The character Wald, created by Simonson for Marvel Star Wars #60, is remarkably similar to him.

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