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myrlinator: "wampa1, you slicer-dreaming dirt magnet - you couldn't slice bread with a lightsaber
get this - if you take the node address tinyf posted this from and track the databit history, you pull right to the node that the original data came from - it's a thaereian node, tee-aitch-dot-ex-one-dot-one-dot-three-dot-eight (thought I'd spell it out since your pathetic synapses don't seem to be able to fire in sequence long enough to follow even the simple bits of data history tinyf left for us - and if you didn't already know that 'th' is the prefix for all the thaereian nodes, well, I just can't help you)
if you can't figure out this basic poodoo, just get off the holonet before mommy takes away your datapad and the space slugs game card you saved up your allowance to buy
wampa1: "U think ur so smart myrl? I can slice anything I want. I just wanted to see if u and the other scrubs on here could figure it out 4 themselves. U better watch hoo u call a dirt magnet, and remember that dirt's not got enuff metal in it on most planets to even be magnetic, which shows how dumb u r.
tharestinx: "Wow.
Wampa1 can't even spell his own name. Worse than that, the little nerf-knot isn't on a floating node. He's probably posting from home. Somebody want to smack him down - maybe call his mother?
―wampa1 demonstrates on the HoloNet his ineptitude as a slicer[src]

During the Clone Wars, a male slicer used the handle wampa1 as his user ID while posting on HoloNet message threads. The user, whose posted comments did not relate to the wampa species in any way, was a poor speller with a particularly confrontational attitude.


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