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"He is really throwing his weight around on the track!"
Dax Gazaway, a race announcer[src]

The son of the Devlikk male Podracing pilot Wan Sandage, Wan Sandage Jr. picked up his father's fallen reigns after the elder's death. Flying his father's old Elsinore-Cordova Engineering TurboDyne 99-U Podracer, Sandage participated in the Podracing season of 24 BBY, joining in the Podracing Open and Hutt Championships circuits. Even though he was sometimes confused for his father, Sandage nonetheless went out to make a name for himself, gaining popularity on a race course located on the planet Sullust known as Serres Sarrano. He went on to win various course records for best single lap and most knockouts during a single race on the planets of Gamorr, Ryloth, and Tatooine. Sandage continued to race through 22 BBY, where the sport had opened up courses on the planets Coruscant and Felucia.


Like father, like son[]

"Watch the wreckage and debris in here. This'll be tight!"
Dax Gazaway, describing the Serres Sarrano race course[src]

The son[1] of the Devlikk playboy[2] and Podracer pilot Wan Sandage, Wan Sandage Jr. took up the Podracing lifestyle of his father after the elder expired.[1] Piloting the very same Elsinore-Cordova Engineering TurboDyne 99-U Podracer that his father had, Sandage joined the Podracing season[3] of 24 BBY,[4] entering the intermediate Podracing Open circuit and the more advanced Hutt Championships, despite being an amateur.[1]

New to the sport, Sandage set out to quickly prove himself. However, too often did he find himself engaging in deadly scrapes and rough conflicts with other racers on the courses. Yet his aggressive play and eagerness to win earned him some praise on the[1] Outer Rim Territories[5] world of Sullust, where Sandage was promoted to the stature of track favorite for the first event of the Hutt Championships, a course that wove through the Sullustan city of Serres Sarrano. Despite his popularity on the track, many Podracing fans did not realize that Sandage was not his father. Only to the keen eyes of hardcore Podracing fans was the difference between father and son recognizable.[1]

On the Podracing circuit[]

"Wan Sandage takes the lead!"
Fode Annodue[src]

Following in his father's footsteps, Wan Sandage Jr. became a professional Podracer.

Throughout the Podracing Open, Sandage found himself rising through the statistics. His aggressive play became evident on the planet Ryloth, where, for The Brightlands racecourse, Sandage obtained the highest overall record for vehicle knockouts during a single race, standing with four total knockouts. His piloting abilities, on the other hand, were demonstrated on the desert planet of Tatooine, where he scored the second top time, 01:13.92 minutes, for a single lap on the track known as the Badlands. For the Ballast Complex course on Mon Calamari, another world hosting some of the season's Podracing courses, Sandage scored the third top single lap time for the course, standing at 01:17.03 minutes. The final course of the Podracing Open was on the jungle planet of Gamorr, on a twisted racetrack known as the Ruins of Carnuss Gorgull. The track favorite was the aggressive Ghishi pilot Kraid Nemmeso, who topped the knockout chart for the track with a total of five. Sandage stood on the chart right below Nemmeso, with a total of three knockouts. Moving into the Hutt Championships, the Devlikk held no records for any of the courses, including the Serres Sarrano course, where he was most popular.[1]

At some point, Sandage raced on a track that sped through a city. During the race, Sandage found himself trapped between the Podracers Nemmeso and the Glymphid Aldar Beedo. When the two pilots tried to crush Sandage, the resourceful Devlikk pulled hard on his brakes, causing the two other pilots to ram into each other and destroy themselves, allowing Sandage to continue unharmed.[3] Sandage later competed in the year 22 BBY,[6] going up against many competitors, including Aldar Beedo,[7] who had once worked for Wan Sandage Sr.,[2] the Nosaurian pilot Clegg Holdfast, and the Vulptereen pilot Dud Bolt. The season visited regular course locations such as Tatooine, but also expanded into worlds such as Felucia, Bespin, Utapau, and Coruscant.[7]

Personality and traits[]

Wan Sandage Jr. was a thrill seeker like his father and followed in the elder Sandage's footsteps to mount up as a daring Podracer pilot. However, the young Devlikk was almost too eager to prove himself on the courses and constantly found himself in dangerous scrapes with other pilots. Even so, Sandage eventually took control of his piloting and managed to turn his knack for danger into an aggressive tendency that found himself making it onto the knockout charts.[1]

Sandage bore a very close resemblance to his father, with a very similar shade of tan fur and the same green plumage that ringed his neck and topped his head. Like his father, Sandage tied up the hair that hung from his cheeks with small bands and beads. Sandage had orange eyes and long, lanky arms that ended in sharp claws. He also had light-colored skin, along with thin, red lips.[1][2]

Wan Sandage Jr.'s TurboDyne-99 was the same Podracer as his father's.

Skills and abilities[]

As a pilot, Wan Sandage Jr. showed notable skill on the Podracing courses, racking up both speed and knockout records during his career, thanks to his keen reflexes and agility, which allowed Sandage to successfully traverse the hazardous obstacles and terrain that professional Podracing courses often presented.[3] Sandage was also one to involve himself with in-race scrapes but was able to escape any lasting damage.[1]


Wan Sandage Jr. flew the very same Elsinore-Cordova Engineering TurboDyne 99-U Podracer that his father had, its appearance unchanged. The TurboDyne was still well renowned for excellent traction, and by the time it was in the young Sandage's clawed hands, the vehicle overall had a well-balanced set of specs, including a sturdy exterior and plenty of room for upgrades with regards to its cooling system. The Podracer had good acceleration, a high top speed, and good handling, which allowed Sandage the best in control when at said top speeds. As during the elder Sandage's days, the Podracer was still painted in a light-beige color across the engines and the cockpit. The engines' insides were also adorned with green and yellow markings, along with yellow lettering on the wings of the cockpit.[1]

Although the Devlikk did not use any clothing or gear for the 24 BBY season,[1][4] he later adopted a full piloting uniform, which included goggles to protect his eyes and a neck-brace. His neck was also protected by a brown colored garment that wrapped around his entire neck. He also took to wearing a shirt that matched the color of his neck garment. He also wore white pants, and took to wearing a belt.[7]

Behind the scenes[]

Wan Sandage Kinect Star Wars concept art

Wan Sandage Jr. first appeared in the 2002 PlayStation 2 video game Star Wars: Racer Revenge as a playable character. In the game, the character is simply referred to as Wan Sandage.[3] The game's strategy guide revealed that he was actually the son of the character who appeared in Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace, naming him as Wan Sandage Jr.[1] Sandage is voiced in the game by Gregg Berger, who also provided the voice for Tzidik Wrantojo in Racer Revenge.[3] Berger also provided the voice for the elder Wan Sandage in the 1999 video game Star Wars Episode I: Racer.[8]

A Podracer named Wan Sandage also appeared in the 2012 Xbox 360 video game Kinect Star Wars, appearing as a computer-controlled opponent during Podraces. However, as the Podracing segment takes place in 22 BBY,[6] this Wan Sandage cannot be the elder Sandage, as he had died beforehand.[1] This article assumes that the Sandage Jr. and the Kinect Sandage are the same character. Concept art for the Kinect character was created by Robert St.Aubin.[7] Early drafts of the original Star Wars film contained a character named Count Sandage. The character was omitted from later drafts, but the name was later reused for the Podracer Wan Sandage. As such, the name and history behind it was passed down to Wan Sandage Jr.[2]



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