"I used to have a Wanderer, but I didn't keep it around for long. While there was no problem with the droid's ability (it is a superior performer), I prefer units with more "personality" than it exhibited."

The Wanderer Scout Surveyor was a model of survey droid manufactured by SoroSuub Corporation. They were often deployed with 87-RM Scout Collectors to capture and examine animals.


The Wanderer had an arachnoid design, with a round body supported by eight multi-jointed legs providing the droid with mobility. The body was a meter in diameter, and the droid stood two meters tall.[1] The droid was fast and agile.[3]

A single photoreceptor eye was mounted on top of the body, and could rotate three-hundred and sixty degrees. Sensor apparatus was mounted on the underside of the body.[1]

The Wanderer was armed with a stun blaster to subdue specimens.[1] The stun blaster was mounted on the same housing as the photoreceptor, allowing the droid to essentially shoot whatever it could see.[3] Below the primary sensor array were three fine manipulators[1] equipped with grasping claws and surgical tools to dissect specimens in the field.[2]

The Wanderer did not come equipped with a personality matrix,[1] leaving many owners frustrated over the lack of a personality.[2] Due to the droid's extensive scouting and medical protocols being given priority, owners of Wanderers had to get rid of those subroutines if they wanted to reprogram their droid.[1] If they did not, Wanderers would ignore the new personality matrix and continue to function as usual.[2]

Wanderers were capable of understand both Basic and Binary, but could only speak the latter.[2]


Wanderer Scout Surveyor EGTD

A Wanderer Scout Surveyor droid

The Wanderer Scout Survey Droid was designed for scouting missions[1] and was often marketing alongside the 87-RM Scout Collector[3] to capture and subdue specimens for live study.[1]

The Wanderers were usually deployed in packs, communicating with each other using hypersonic frequencies. In coordinated actions, one unit would flush a target from cover to allow a second unit to stun it.[3]


The Wanderer Scout Surveyor was manufactured by SoroSuub Corporation.[1] The design was taken from blueprints created by an extinct alien race. In sales catalogues, it was often packaged alongside the 87-RM Scout Collector.[3]

During the Galactic Civil War, sixteen units roamed the jungles of Orellon II. The local Kentra thought they were demons, and when a group of Rebels landed on Orellon II, the Kentra King Jerius send them to stop the demon threat.[4]



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