The Scout Surveyor droid was used by the scout collector package to capture animals. They had a spherical body and eight legs, and were about two meters tall. They used a rather powerful stun blaster to freeze creatures, which would then be placed in the collector.

It had fine manipulating arms with surgical tools for dissecting specimens. Its photoreceptor was mounted on a swivel to increase its situation awareness. The droid had extensive scouting and medical programming, but this led the droid to having no personality. One would cost 9400 credits new.[1]

Wanderer Scout Surveyor EGTD

A Wanderer Scout Surveyor droid


There were sixteen of them roaming the Orellan jungles. The local Kentra thought they were demons, and when a group of Rebels landed on Orellon II, the Kentra King Jerius send them to stop the demon threat.



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