"There's nothing like facing down a ghest in the swamps of Rodia and knowing you have one shot to put it down. Now that's fun!"

War'qi was a bounty hunter and big-game hunter operating at least from 4 ABY to 10 ABY. Not being a hunter only for the money, War'qi was known to enjoy the thrill of hunting, giving the hunter's prey a chance to survive. However, War'qi had also mistreated and killed some of the sentient prey during this career.

War'qi used bounty hunter armor, including different weapons and toys particularly as add-ons in the arms. This hunter's personal favorite was an Antipersonnel Net Gun allowing War'qi to capture a prey and, in case the prey is not defeated yet, use the electric shock delivery of the net in a process that could kill the unfortunate victim. War'qi disliked less protective armors such as the Castaan Staad.

To avoid spoiling the fun of hunting, War'qi used SoroSuub's Firestorm-1 mini-missile launcher instead of the Fireball because Fireball included a guidance package, which War'qi considered an unfair advantage. Fellow weaponry-user Lloco, who would rather not have a fair fight with a fugitive, disagreed with this idea.

War'qi was also knowledgeable in explosives: the hunter modified Merr-Sonn stun grenades introducing detonite in them, to create powerful bombs that looked like non-lethal weapons. War'qi was careful to include enough explosive to beat all the people the individual was supposed to beat with one grenade, but not too much to avoid an expansive wave covering War'qi's own position.

Up until some point before 5 ABY, War'qi commonly captured the people the hunter was tracking, then tied them and kept them in the hold of the hunter's ship. Sometimes, War'qi's employer claimed that the mark had been mistreated and paid War'qi less than the stipulated amount. Other times, the supposed victim counterattacked War'qi, who had to fight in the hunter's own ship. To avoid this kind of events, War'qi bought a Damorind Securities Force Cage, which the hunter used for his captives.

As a big-game hunter, War'qi hunted Ghests in the swamps of Rodia using specialized weapons. War'qi liked the Firearc 49 speargun because it only had one shot before reloading.

War'qi frequented Gundark's Gundark's Gear Datalog during the early years of the New Republic, sharing anecdotes from the individual's hunts and offering professional opinions on the products War'qi liked most and less. The hunter wrote a unfavorable review on the Salus Tangler Elite 1, although War'qi did not say specifically whether the weapon had been used or not.

Behind the scenesEdit

War'qi has only been mentioned in Gundark's Fantastic Technology: Personal Gear, a West End Games role-playing supplement where War'qi is one of the people leaving messages on the datalogs (Other individuals include Platt Okeefe and Gunman). These messages were designed to serve as scenario hooks for gamemasters, or to provide possible modifications for equipment. Others provided explanations for why weapons could fail; gamemasters were encouraged to draw on these to explain what occurs when a player rolled an unlucky number.

War'qi's sex is not specified in the book.

The datalogs seem to suggest that War'qi had been posting from Atzerri, Bothawui, Kashyyyk, Kothlis, Reuss and Selonia. However, each post gives only the first three letters of the planet from which it has been sent, so this would be at best ambiguous.

War'qi is misspelled War'qui in his post of the Merr-Sonn Stun Grenade, or it refers to a different person.


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