"The Battle of Asylum showed the galaxy Zakuul isn't invincible. My contacts in the Core Worlds have thrown their support behind us. Behind you. You're about to become the leader of an alliance dedicated to bringing down the Eternal Throne once and for all."
Lana Beniko to the Commander[src]

The war against Zakuul and the tyranny of its Eternal Empire was a major galaxy-wide conflict that raged between 3631 BBY and 3630 BBY. After the Empire led by Eternal Emperor Arcann dominated both the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire in the Eternal Empire conquest of 3636 BBY, both sides were forced to pay heavy tribute to Zakuul, which remained the dominant power in the galaxy for the next five years. Rebels and dissidents who opposed Arcann's rule were left with no choice but to flee from his Eternal Fleet and scatter to avoid retaliation. Things changed when former Sith Intelligence Minister Lana Beniko released a figure known as the Commander from imprisonment in carbonite by Arcann and during escape from pursuing forces located the legendary starship Gravestone with the power to face the Eternal Fleet in open battle. During the battle of Asylum Beniko's group escaped with minimal casualties on the Gravestone, which destroyed several Eternal Fleet warships, showing the galaxy that Zakuul was not invincible. In response, Beniko's multiple contacts from the Core Worlds answered her call and gathered on a remote Wild Space planet Odessen, where they formed an Alliance dedicated to end Arcann's reign, of which the Outlander assumed command with Beniko as his right hand. Initially, the new Alliance was strained for funds, resources and personnel, equipped only for small surgical strikes against the might of Eternal Empire, while desperate to keep the location of the Alliance base a secret.

Over time several bold strikes made against the Eternal Empire attracted to the Alliance multiple new contacts and recruits from the Republic, the Sith Empire and criminal underworld, who brought with them starships, weapons and ammunition, allowing the Alliance to grow into a power that could seriously threaten Arcann's rule. In a bid to remove Arcann's advantage of the Eternal Fleet, the Alliance allied with Mandalorian clans led by Shae Vizla for a raid on Darvannis and agreed to SCORPIO's plan to remotely take control of the GEMINI captains that controlled the Eternal Fleet. However SCORPIO followed her own agenda and used that opportunity to take over the Eternal Throne for herself. In the resulting battle of Odessen the Commander injured and defeated Arcann, who was taken by his mother Senya Tirall into hiding to recuperate. Arcann's sister Vaylin allied with SCORPIO and proclaimed herself the new Eternal Empress, and the cruelty of her reign quickly exceeded even that of her brother's. Meanwhile Alliance victories inspired the Sith Empire led by Empress Acina to join in the revolt, waging open war against the Eternal Empire while the Galactic Republic kept away from the conflict and continued to pay tribute to Zakuul.

An attempt by Vaylin and SCORPIO to take over of the Gravestone led to the discovery of Vaylin's mental conditioning placed upon her by her father, while a visit to the artificial world called Iokath uncovered the true origin of the Eternal Fleet and allowed the Alliance to upgrade the Gravestone to better withstand its firepower. Holding a key to Vaylin's mental conditioning, the Alliance Commander attempted to subdue the Empress during the Grand Festival in her name and ended up recruiting Arcann himself into the Alliance, after the former Emperor was healed and redeemed by his mother's sacrifice on Voss. During a visit to Nathema Vaylin broke her mental chains, while the Alliance obtained Dramath's holocron which held the power to destroy the spirit of Sith Emperor Vitiate once and for all. In the following assault on Odessen Vaylin was killed, leading to mass surrender of Zakuulan military forces. However, with the Eternal Throne empty, the GEMINI captains of the Eternal Fleet went rogue and began bombarding inhabited worlds, seeking to annihilate all complex life in the galaxy. The Alliance engaged the Eternal Fleet in the battle of Zakuul, where the Commander destroyed the spirit of Vitiate and claimed the Eternal Throne. The Alliance relocated the Throne to Odessen, established full control of the Eternal Fleet, absorbed the remaining Zakuulan military forces and re-organized itself into the Eternal Alliance, which then held enough territory and firepower to be considered one of the major galactic governments.


"People of Zakuul. The unthinkable has happened. Our beloved Emperor, Valkorion, is dead—murdered by an Outlander who sought to shake the foundations of our great society. The assassin will receive swift and just punishment. And this act of unprovoked aggression will be answered. As your new Emperor, I can promise you this: Zakuul's enemies will face the full power of the Eternal Throne. They will answer for their warmongering ways. And every last one of the Core Worlds will burn."
―Arcann addresses Zakuul, declaring war on the rest of the galaxy[src]

In addition to the Sith Empire which he ruled for over thirteen centuries, Sith Emperor Vitiate also created a secret Eternal Empire in the Wild Space, ruling from the Eternal Throne on Zakuul as Immortal Emperor Valkorion.[13] The Eternal Throne commanded a massive Eternal Fleet and a powerful group of Force-users known as Knights of Zakuul.[14] Over centuries, Vitiate devoted more and more of his attention to Zakuul, eventually coming to see this new society as his greatest achievement, while deeming the Sith Empire a failure.[15] However, in 3636 BBY Valkorion's biological son Arcann betrayed his father, resulting in the death of his physical body. Vitiate, who by that point had managed to live for over a millennia by using transfer essence to move his spirit between Voices, entered the body of the Commander present in his throne room in search of a new host, but Arcann sensed that his father was alive and immediately ordered the Outlander to be freezed in carbonite, trapping Valkorion within.[13]

Republic Senator Evran and Dark Council member Vowrawn submit to the Eternal Throne

Arcann assumed the Eternal Throne and proclaimed himself the new Emperor of Zakuul, blaming his father's death on the Outlander and promising revenge on the Core Worlds for what he claimed was an act of unprovoked aggression.[13] Arcann launched a full-scale Eternal Empire conquest on the galaxy previously unaware of Zakuul's existence, attacking both the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic, who by that point have been involved in a series of wars between each other for almost half a century. Arcann's war was swift and brutal, with the Eternal Fleet having the advantage over Republic and Imperial Navy in terms of both speed and sheer numbers. Eternal Empire forces destroyed shipyards, blockaded major trade routes and had achieved naval superiority over both sides within three months, blockading both Coruscant and Dromund Kaas by the end of 3636 BBY. Both sides suffered heavy losses from facing endless legions Knights of Zakuul and Skytroopers, but Republic Supreme Chancellor Leontyne Saresh refused to submit the Republic to Zakuulan authority, and continued to wage the Galactic War against the Sith Empire as well, at the cost of millions of Republic lives. The Galactic Senate eventually managed to overrule Saresh and went to negotiate ceasefire terms. On the Sith side, the members of the Dark Council fought Arcann's invasion ruthlessly and lost, with all but one either killed or disappearing into hiding away from the public eye. The Minister of Logistics negotiated a Zakuul–Imperial treaty, while a similar Zakuul–Republic treaty was signed by the Republic Senate.[1][16]

Both the Republic and the Sith Empire were forced to pay heavy tribute of raw materials to Zakuul and were subjected to an arms limitation statute, preventing either of them from challenging Zakuul directly. Arcann had no interest in actually governing the conquered portion of the galaxy and thus allowed the Republic and Empire to continued their war against one another, as long as the tribute was paid and they continued to acknowledge Zakuul's superiority. Though there were no ongoing planetary occupations, to watch for possible uprisings massive battle stations known as Star Fortresses were deployed in orbits of dozens key worlds such as Alderaan, Balmorra, Bothawui and Voss.[1] Arcann proved himself as a brutal dictator at home as well, cracking hard on any political dissidents who dared to openly speak out against his rule. Thousands of ordinary citizens were forced to either live in exile in the Endless Swamp, or flee their home world and blend into galactic underground in an attempt to evade Arcann's forces.[17] After 3636 BBY the political situation on the galactic scale saw little change for the next four years. Chancellor Saresh had reached the end of her second term and failed to pass a notion to extend it indefinitely, though she still remained in power and controlled the Republic through a carefully chosen puppet Chancellor by the name of Jebevel Madon. The Sith Empire was ruled by Darth Acina, who proclaimed herself the new Empress of the Sith after remaining as the only Dark Council member alive and not in hiding.[1] By 3631 BBY[3] however former Sith Intelligence Minister Lana Beniko, who had spend years in Wild Space opposing the Eternal Empire and building a network of contacts, finally managed to to learn where the Outlander, her old ally from the Revanite crisis, was being kept and organized a mission to break them out of the carbonite prison, believing that person to be the galaxy's only hope in opposing the Eternal Empire.[12]

The War[]

Sparking the rebellion[]

The Gravestone is used for the first time in centuries

The Outlander is released[]

Beniko mounted a rescue mission on the carbonite prison in the Spire of Zakuul with her astromech droid T7-O1, bodyguard droid HK-55 and Koth Vortena, an exiled Zakuulan naval officer. Vortena and HK-55 waited in the escape shuttle while Beniko and T7-O1 infiltrated the prison, where Lana located and unfroze the Outlander. They were attacked by sky trooper guards and Beniko proceeded to escort the Outlander to the extraction point, while here pursued by High Justice Vaylin, Arcann's sister and extremely powerful Force user. Vaylin destabilized a Sun Generator, which threatened to overload and explode, while Vortena's shuttle was shot down and crashed on a shuttle pad, where Vortena and HK-55 were cornered by security forces. They eliminated their attackers and stole another shuttle, rushing to pick up Beniko and the Outlander, who were cornered by Vailyn. Vortena's shuttle arrived just in time and open fire on the High Justice, who shielded herself with a piece of debris, before throwing it at the shuttle, dealing it serious damage. Vortena managed to keep the shuttle in the air long enough for the Outlander and Beniko to get aboard, after which they fled the city.[12] The damage forced Vortena to put the shuttle down, crashing in the Endless Swamp. While Beniko and Vortena hid the evidence of their landing, the Outlander and HK-55 discovered a large technological object, which Vortena quickly identified as the Gravestone, the legendary warship that single handedly stood up to the Eternal Fleet. The team got working on repairing the Gravestone, restoring major systems to working conditions, while Beniko sent a message to the former Knight of Zakuul Senya Tirall, asking her to join them and provide backup.[1] Arcann's forces soon located and attacked the Gravestone, and Vortena and HK-55 got the ship ready to fly, while Senya Tirall arrived to assist the defense of the ship. The group prepared to leave Zakuul, but as the ship left the atmosphere, the Eternal Fleet appeared to intercept them. The Outlander fired the Gravestone's omnicannon, destroying more than two dozen Eternal Fleet warships in a single shot, and enabling the Gravestone to jump into safety of hyperspace, where the group decided to head towards Asylum, a shadowport and safe haven for those who fled Arcann's oppressive rule.[18]

The Gravestone escapes the battle of Asylum

Battle of Asylum[]

The Gravestone docked at Asylum, where the small team was joined by Koth Vortena's crewmembers, including his first mate Len Parvek, former Republic Sergeant Ralo and engineer Tora, who went to repair the Gravestone battle damage. Lana Beniko began sending messages to her network of contacts, while Senya Tirall introduced the Outlander to the Scions of Zakuul led by Heskal, who wanted to determine whether they would join the Outlander's rebellion against Arcann. Senya joined the Outlander in the Scions' trials, in which the Outlander emerged victorious.[19] As the group discussed the revelations made in the Scion enclave, they received a message from T7-O1 on Zakuul, informing them that the information broker known as "Lady of Sorrows" wished to have a dialogue with the Gravestone computers. Senya Tirall accompanied the Outlander back to the Old World of Zakuul, where they reunited with T7-O1 and located the Lady of Sorrows, an advanced artificial intelligence calling herself SCORPIO, who agreed to accompany them back to Asylum.[20] Meanwhile, Heskal experienced a vision of Arcann's defeat at the hand of the Outlander and in accordance with his prophecy contacted the Emperor he detested, inviting him to Asylum. Arcann arrived to Asylum before his Eternal Fleet did and personally executed the Scions in their hideout, impaling Heskal on his lightsaber just as the Outlander arrived to meet with him, and a fight between the two ensued. The Eternal Fleet emerged from hyperspace and opened fire on the shadowport, and the Gravestone turbolaser cannons shot down several Zakuulan shuttles, one of which crashed into the Scions' hideout, interrupting Arcann's duel with the Outlander. Zakuulan forced took over the Control Spar, taking control of the docking clamps and keeping the Gravestone grounded. The ship was attacked by a group of Knights led by Vaylin herself, who was about to engage the Outlander when her mother Senya Tirall rushed to aid them, tossing the Outlander away and engaging her daughter, while the Outlander and Lana went to free the ship. Beniko volunteered to hold a choke point so that Vortena and the Outlander could reach the Control Spar, where reunited with HK-55, and Vortena and the droid stayed behind to hold off a battalion of Zakuul Knights. The Outlander proceeded to the Control Spar alone and released the docking clamps keeping the Gravestone in place, but was once again ambushed by Arcann. HK-55 arrived just in time to assist the Outlander, sacrificing himself to shield his master from Arcann's Force blast. During the fight Arcann was knocked off the Control Spar to the levels down below, and the injured Outlander returned to the Gravestone, where Senya disarmed Vaylin and had her daughter at her mercy, but could not bring herself to land a killing blow. Everyone boarded the Gravestone and Vortena piloted the ship towards the Eternal Fleet blockade, destroying one warship with the turbolasers before jumping into hyperspace.[6] Arcann survived his fall and no longer facing any resistance, the Eternal Empire forces have completely leveled Asylum.[8]

Senya Tirall, Lana Beniko and Koth Vortena arrive on Odessen

Formation of the Alliance[]

The Battle of Asylum served as a rallying cry for those who wished to oppose Arcann, and Beniko called her multiple contacts from the Sith Empire, the Republic and the criminal underworld to gather on the planet Odessen, a remote and unsettled world in the Wild Space. There she laid foundation of an Alliance against the Eternal Empire and the Outlander became the Alliance Commander, establishing the Alliance base on Odessen. Among those who joined the new Alliance was Beniko's old associate from Republic Strategic Information Service Theron Shan, who immediately started working on the big problems and assembled a team of specialists which included former Republic Admiral Bey'wan Aygo, famous smuggler captain Hylo Visz, Hutt scientist Juvard Illip Oggurobb and Sana-Rae of the Voss Mystics.[4]

Alliance operations against Zakuul[]

Early Strikes[]

Reports of the new Alliance spurred others across the galaxy to take action, with resistance fighters taking arms on the planets under the threat of Star Fortresses. One such resistance cell on Bothawui was making significant progress, prompting the Eternal Empire to demonstrate their power by firing a powerful laser from the orbiting Star Fortress, wiping out the entire cell. In response, the Alliance Commander worked with Theron Shan and Miot Dengd to infiltrate one of these Star Fortresses to identify a method of destroying them. Learning valuable information about the inner-workings of the Star Fortress, the Alliance made contact with resistance fighters on Alderaan, Belsavis, Hoth, Nar Shaddaa, Tatooine and Voss to destroy shield bunkers that protected the battle stations. The Commander received aid from local insurgents such as Ithorian Jedi Knight Choza Raabat, Nautolan former Sith Acolyte Veeroa Denz, Whiphid talent scout K'krohl, Gormak warrior Rokuss, Arcona historian Hemdil Tre and Selonian sharpshooter "Deadeye" Leyta, who all joined the Alliance in gratitude after the Alliance systematically destroyed the Star Fortresses above their worlds.[21] The Commander also actively pursued leads on promising recruits provided by the Alliance specialists, recruiting such individuals as Gand Findsman Yuun, renowned scientist Eckard Lokin, Jawa scavenger Blizz, the leader of the Trandoshan Warstalkers Qyzen Fess, Kaleesh Sith Lord Xalek, failed Mon Calamari Jedi Padawan Languss Tuno, Republic Provost Marshal Fideltin Rusk, Imperial Reclamation Service Lieutenant Talos Drellik, Dashade warrior Ak'ghal Usar, legendary smuggler Nico Okarr and Wookiee gladiator Bowdaar.[22]

Kaliyo prepares to detonate her explosives from the Overwatch

The Overwatch[]

Investigating potential allies, Theron Shan suggested that the Alliance should recruit "Firebrand", an anarchist who independently operated on Zakuul for over two years, and accompanied the Commander to a meeting arranged for them by SCORPIO. In the Spire of Zakuul, they found the "Firebrand", who introduced herself as Kaliyo Djannis and agreed to consider the Commander's proposal in exchange for assistance with her current operation. Together, the Commander and Kaliyo rigged ion grenades into Power Junctions throughout the Old World and Breaktown to disable security measures of the Overwatch, from which the Commander could obtain the complete schematics of the Spire. Detonating three junctions at once, they knocked down the Overwatch security and stormed the facility, eventually reaching the control room where Kaliyo planted her explosives at the droid controls, while the Commander downloaded the Spire's schematics. Overwatch Administrator Tayvor Slen arrived with the skytroopers and attempted to stop them, but was defeated and mortally wounded during the fight. Kaliyo destroyed the droid controls, which shut down the droids throughout the Spire, after which she escaped the Spire with the Commander and traveled to Odessen, where she decided to stay with the Alliance. At the same time, the Eternal Empire continued their search for the Outlander and the Gravestone, which continuously came up empty. Growing frustrated with the lack of progress, Arcann ordered Vaylin to have the Eternal Fleet bombard one inhabited planet in five different sectors into dust, intending to lure the Outlander out of hiding.[23]

Havoc Squad leads the assault on the listening post

Zakuul listening post[]

Theron Shan passed on some of the Spire data to his former SIS colleague Jonas Balkar, who in turn provided it to Republic Special Forces Division Havoc Squad, convincing them to undertake a rogue operation on Zakuul. Theron asked the Commander to assist Havoc in their operation, and the two approached Havoc at the meeting point in the Endless Swamp, where Major Aric Jorgan introduced his squad and explained that they were in the middle of an operation. Before they could discuss the details, their position was attacked by skytroopers, and Jorgan ordered everyone to split in pairs and regroup at their camp. Jorgan teamed up with the Commander and rescued a group of Zakuulan refugees led by Pashna Veyaad, inviting them to take shelter at their camp. The next morning, Jorgan explained to the Commander and Theron that their mission was to plant a wiretap on a listening post used by the Knights of Zakuul, allowing Havoc Squad to spy on their communications. The Commander brought Alliance personnel from Odessen to provide a distraction for the attack and proceeded with Havoc towards the main objective. With the rest of the squad providing their cover, Jorgan and the Commander disabled the outpost's security and planted the wiretap, but their presence was discovered and the rest of Havoc Squad fell back to their position, which came under heavy fire. Zakuulan exiles led by Pashna Veyaad came to their aid, taking care of reinforcements and everyone returned to their camp. Their mission successful, Jorgan traveled to the Alliance base on Odessen, where he got acquainted with the Alliance leadership. By comparing the information from the listening post with the Spire schematics, SCORPIO revealed the existence of the GEMINI frequency, the means by which Arcann controlled the Eternal Fleet.[17]

Hyperwave relay station[]

The GEMINI frequency originated from the hyperwave relay station hidden ten kilometers beneath the Spire, which transmitted signals to and from the Eternal Throne, presenting the Alliance with a unique opportunity to rid Arcann of his Eternal Fleet. The Alliance planned an attack on the station and sent Kaliyo and Havoc Squad to Zakuul to clear a path to the station. To draw Arcann's attention from their objective, the Alliance required a diversion, and the Commander had to choose between Kaliyo and Havoc Squad to lead the main attack, while the other party would focus on the diversion. Before the Commander could depart to lead the mission, however, Beniko suggested contacting Valkorion on how to best infiltrate the facility he had built, but unfortunately the Commander decided to do so in a secluded spot in Odessen wilderness, where Valkorion tested them for a prolonged period of time before the Commander could return to the base. Unable to wait for their return, and with the intel turning stale every minute, the Alliance had no choice but to proceed with the mission without the Commander. Having successfully executed the diversion, the support team moved into position to assist the main team, which was only a few levels away from their objective. However, the infiltration team was cornered by a superior force, before contact with them was lost and the diversion team attempted a rescue. The Spire then went into full lockdown with no transmissions coming in or out, making any assistance from Odessen impossible.[24] A tense firefight erupted, in which four of six Havoc Squad members were killed and the rest were forced to retreat. Kaliyo managed to grab a datacore from a security console right outside the relay station, making the mission not a total loss, returning to Odessen along with Jorgan and the bodies of his fallen men.[25]

The Gilded Star[]

While the rest of the Alliance waited for Kaliyo and Jorgan's return from Zakuul, the Commander was approached by Hylo Visz's old associate Gault Rennow with a proposition to raid the Gilded Star, an Eternal Empire treasury ship hiding in the atmosphere of the gas giant Vandin. The Commander agreed and accompanied Gault to Vandin along with Lana Beniko, Theron Shan, Senya Tirall and SCORPIO. Arriving on the gas giant, Gault took the Commander to the hiding container of the Anomid identity slicer Dretcher, who agreed to do Gault's job in exchange for getting the Devaronian off his back. Gault and the Commander then met with the Brekken Gang and its Captain Kenrik Fost, from whom Gault ordered a fully functioning missile. Gault's partner Vette pretended to activate the missile, tricking the Niktos into running away from incoming blast and retrieved the missile warhead. Gault then assembled the team and laid out his plan, assigning everybody their roles. When the Gilded Star came up for its annual resupply, Senya used Dretcher's holographic disguise to get herself and SCORPIO onboard under the identity of her daughter. From the bridge, SCORPIO took control of the Gilded Star and allowed Gault, Vette and the Commander to get inside. Vette disabled the vault's security mechanism, while the Commander and Gault planted the missile warhead inside the vault, which upon detonation vaporized the vault entire content of precious metals, while leaving everything outside intact. Lana Beniko positioned a tanker next to the Gilded Star and siphoned the vault's entire content, after which she was joined by SCORPIO and Senya. Gault, Vette and the Commander planned to take the skyhook down to the mining platform, but their path was blocked by the real Vaylin, and Gault decided to go outside on the ship's hull. Hylo Visz piloted a small shuttle next to the Gilded Star, allowing them to jump directly onto it and everyone returned safely to Odessen. Vette and Gault decided to stay and join the Alliance, before their celebration was interrupted by the return of Aric Jorgan and Kaliyo. Hoping to salvage their fiasco, Lana Beniko ordered SCORPIO to analyze the data archive retrieved by Kaliyo.[25]

The GEMINI Plan[]

Retrieving GEMINI Prime[]

SCORPIO revealed that the GEMINI droids were based on her design and were produced from a template called GEMINI Prime kept in a weapons factory on Darvannis. Obtaining the Prime could be the key to take over the Eternal Fleet, and Theron Shan called in a favor to Mandalore the Avenger Shae Vizla for a major assault. Seeing a way for Mandalorian clans to re-arm themselves, Vizla accepted the offer and led a dozen of Mandalorian clans to Darvannis, with Khomo Fett as her right-hand man. The Mandalorians have laid siege to the factory and were soon joined by the Alliance Commander, who arrived to personally retrieve the GEMINI Prime. Vizla paired the newcomer with scout Torian Cadera and send them to capture the perimeter defense guns and reprogram them to target the factory itself. Forward teams led by Valk Beroya and Breyer Chorn moved to take down the factory's energy shield generators and destroyed them with explosives. The factory's shields went down and the Mandalorians held a Kote ky'ram Death Ceremony for their fallen comrades during the night. In the morning, Vizla send Clan Beroya and Clan Fett to take the factory's power stations, while Commander and Torian kept the air and sniper units at Zakuulan tactical post distracted. Before moving inside the factory, Vizla shared her battle plan with the Alliance Commander, who provided the Mandalorians factory schematics recently obtained by Theron Shan. Vizla led the assault herself, leaving it to the Commander and Torian Cadera to retrieve the GEMINI Prime. Torian and the Commander located the Prime and removed the droid from her alcove, while the Mandalorians were able to secure a sufficient amount of weapons before Vizla ordered an organized retreat. Following the battle Torian asked the Mandalore to join the Alliance as her liaison, and after his request was graned, returned to Odessen along with the Commander. SCORPIO analyzed the GEMINI Prime and established that by plugging the Prime into the captain's console on any warship in the Eternal Fleet, she would be able to take control of the entire GEMINI network, and with it the Eternal Fleet itself. Identifying a lone warship scheduled to recharge its hyperdrive as their target, the Alliance leadership moved to intercept it.[7]

Taking on the GEMINI network[]

Koth Vortena took the Gravestone to the location of the warship and stayed onboard to jam its communications, while SCORPIO confused the vessel's targeting systems, allowing Theron Shan to pilot a shuttle inside its hangar. The strike team consisting of Lana Beniko, Senya Tirall, SCORPIO and the Alliance Commander started advancing towards the bridge, but the GEMINI captain activated a set of blast doors, separating the Commander and SCORPIO from Lana, Senya and Theron, and requiring the two teams to make their way to a rendezvous point separately. SCORPIO came across a data note and plugged herself in, establishing a direct link with the GEMINI captain and engaged in a subterfuge, verbally announcing her intention to erase the GEMINI captain, while in fact granting her free will, in return for delaying her companions. The GEMINI captain pretended to overload SCORPIO's circuits and destroy her droid body, while in fact SCORPIO transferred her consciousness into the GEMINI frequency and temporarily disrupted the Gravestone jamming signal, allowing the GEMINI captain to send an alert signal to Zakuul. Emperor Arcann immediately took his Eternal Flagship and a significant detachment of the Eternal Fleet to intercept his enemies, while Lana, Theron and Senya discovered that the ship was transporting Imperial Admiral Zasha Ranken, Republic Senator Tai Cordan and Zakuulan holostar-in-exile Malita Tal as prisoners for Arcann to interrogate. After the Commander made their way to Lana, the prisoners were released from their cells and went to the escape pods, while Senya and the Commander went to confront the GEMINI captain on the bridge. They overpowered the captain, who revealed that her obstacles were merely to stall the intruders for time and transferred her consciousness into the GEMINI frequency, triggering the ship's self-destruct. The Commander and Senya rushed back to their shuttle, where Theron and Lana picked them up and left just before ship exploded. Arcann and Vaylin then arrived with the Eternal Fleet, but the Gravestone managed to escape into hyperspace with everyone safely onboard before any shots ertr fired. Meanwhile, SCORPIO through the GEMINI frequency used the Eternal Throne's technology to assemble herself a new body, installing herself directly onto the Throne and taking control of the Eternal Fleet. Having deliberate left a Arcann's detachment seemingly under his control, SCORPIO then revealed her scheme to both the Alliance and Emperor Arcann, providing him with the location of the Alliance base in order for her enemies to destroy each other.[26]

Battle of Odessen[]

SCORPIO warned the Alliance about Arcann's imminent arrival, giving the Alliance leadership a head-start to board the Gravestone and meet the Eternal Fleet in orbit. Theron Shan manned the omnicannon, while Lana Beniko boarded the Eternal Flagship along with Senya Tirall and the Commander. As they infiltrated the flagship, Vaylin contacted the group and revealed that Arcann was on the flagship's bridge, prompting Senya to separate from the rest and confront her daughter personally. The Commander and Lana fought their way through until Theron informed them that the Eternal Fleet was now targeting the Eternal Flagship, revealing SCORPIO's ploy. After reaching the bridge, Lana stayed behind to deal with Knights of Zakuul, leading the Commander to confront Arcann alone. The two engaged in a duel, and the Commander managed to overpower Arcann, but the Eternal Fleet warships opened fire on the flagship, crushing Arcann under a pile of debris. The Commander had to retreat in a small patrol craft as the ship was falling apart, while Senya reached the bridge and pulled her son from under debris. Vaylin arrived to confront her mother, only for Arcann to Force-push her away. Enraged at her brother, Vaylin was forced to retreat back to Zakuul, while Senya took her wounded son into his personal shuttle, escaping into hyperspace. Theron Shan then fired the omnicannon on the Eternal Flagship, creating a massive chain explosion that completely wiped out the present portion of the Eternal Fleet, winning the battle for the Alliance, and inspiring many more Imperial and Republic forces to join the Alliance's cause, bringing with them enough starships to form an Alliance fleet.[8]

Vaylin assumes the Eternal Throne[]

The New Eternal Empress[]

Vaylin returned to Zakuul, where to her surprise SCORPIO welcomed her and explained that she only took the throne to grant free will to the GEMINI droids. SCORPIO offered the Eternal Throne to Vaylin, becoming her new advisor.[8] As the new Eternal Empress, Vaylin proved herself an even more brutal leader than her brother and declared a bounty on her mother, obsessively pursuing every lead.[27] Eventually, Vaylin learned of several dissident Knights planning on meeting with Senya on Ord Mantell and personally slaughtered the host before Senya even arrived. She then ambushed her mother and ignited spilled rhydonium before engaging Senya in a duel. Single-mindedly driven to kill her mother, Vaylin attempted a finishing blow, only to hit a damaged hyperdrive which exploded, allowing Senya to escape.[28] Hoping to heal Arcann's physical injuries and mend his broken spirit, Senya brought her son to Voss, but Vaylin followed her and launched an invasion, determined to hunt her family down. Theron Shan and Sana-Rae were already onworld and alerted the Alliance about the attack, allowing the Alliance to scramble the fleet in response. Theron Shan attempted to rally Voss commandos to the defense of Voss-Ka, but their forces were outmatched, and he led the group to take shelter in the Tower of Prophecy. Emerging from hyperspace, the Alliance engaged the Eternal Fleet, while the Commander, Lana Beniko and Torian Cadera landed in a stolen Zakuulan shuttle with a group of Mandalorian commandos. The Mandalorians engaged Vaylin forces, while Lana and the Commander met Theron at the Tower of Prophecy, where they received a distress call from Senya, who pleaded the Alliance for aid, promising that Arcann would join their fight if healed. Lana led the Mandalorians towards the Shrine, while Theron and the Commander used Torian's walker Storm Rider to traverse the Old Paths on foot. Inside the Shrine, they met with Senya, who bargained for her son's life and asked the Commander to hold of Zakuulan forces. The Commander agreed, and collapsed the tunnel behind them to stop the reinforcements from reaching Senya's position, while Senya ordered the Voss Mystics to take her strength to heal her son. The Mystics transferred her strength to Arcann, healing his injuries and mending his broken spirit, though this act left Senya comatose. Arcann awoke confused and, witnessing his mother's lifeless body, fled the Shrine to his shuttle, believing her dead and escaping into hyperspace. Vaylin has ordered the Eternal Fleet to burn her entire family regardless of casualties on Voss, but the tide of the battle was turned by the arrival of the Imperial Fleet led by Sith Empress Acina, prompting the GEMINI captains to flee in self-preservation.[9]

Sith Empire joins the revolt[]

Empress Acina extended the Commander a formal offer of alliance against the Eternal Throne, and the Commander agreed to meet Acina on Dromund Kaas along with Theron and Lana.[9] In Kaas City Gelmid Lorman, the new Minister of Logistics escorted them to the Empress, who insisted on speaking with the Commander privately on her personal shuttle. In flight and away from prying eyes, Acina assured the Commander that her offer of partnership was genuine, but their conversation was interrupted by a sudden engine failure, requiring them to abandon ship. Stuck in the wilderness of Dromund Kaas, Acina and the Commander went to the crashed shuttle, where a group of GenoHaradan assassins was waiting for them. Killing the assassins and locating their camp, the Commander discovered a holorecording from former Republic Chancellor Leontyne Saresh, revealed to be the one who ordered the hit on them. Forced to take shelter in a Sith tomb, Acina and the Commander found the traitorous Minister Lorman, who was behind the shuttle sabotage, and a GenoHaradan strike team seeking to finish their job. Again prevailing over the assassins, Acina offered the Commander to decide Lorman's fate, while Theron informed the Commander that Saresh was coming to Odessen in a bid to take over the Alliance. The Commander quickly returned to Odessen, where Saresh panicked and tried to flee, but was cut off by Lana, her at the Commander's mercy. Acina then contacted the Commander again with a formal offer on an alliance between two independent forces against the Eternal Empire. The Galactic Republic reacted to this news withh caution and, believing the Eternal Throne to be untouchable, officially decided to stay away from the fighting and continue paying their tribute to Zakuul.[15]

Capture of the Gravestone[]

This section of the article assumes a specific path that is neither a light side nor a dark side option in a video game.. Any alternate paths may be noted in the "Behind the scenes" section. The events in this section may or may not have been confirmed as canon within the Star Wars Legends continuity.

While the Alliance Commander was presumed dead on Dromund Kaas, SCORPIO used the resulting disarray to strike against the Alliance with the Gravestone as her ultimate goal. She and Vaylin captured a civilian cargo freighter Ridala and killed its captain, staged an attack on it by the Eternal Fleet and send a distress call, impersonating the ship's captain. Gravestone captain Koth Vortena answered the call and allowed Ridala to land inside his hangar, allowing Vaylin and her Horizon Guard to round up Koth's crew and take control of the vessel.[15] Vortena himself avoided capture, called the Alliance for help and locked down the bridge controls, making essential systems inaccessible to SCORPIO. The Alliance fleet arrived and engaged the Eternal Fleet, while Lana and the Commander boarded the Gravestone and met with Koth, who explained them that unlocking the bridge without entering a hidden passcode would trigger the quantum bomb installed as a precaution. The Commander joined Koth in disabling the bomb fuses spread throughout the ship, while Lana provided distraction. Desiring to save the Gravestone, SCORPIO maneuvered Vaylin and her Knights to leave the bridge, allowing Koth to disable the bomb from the bridge console. Lana was cornered by Vaylin in the Dark Sanctuary where the bomb was hidden, and Koth and the Commander rushed there to save her, where Vaylin engaged the Commader, but the spirit of Valkorion himself intervened to preserve his host. Valkorion triggered Vaylin's secret mental conditioning, making her powerless, and Vaylin fled the scene. SCORPIO finally gained full access to the Gravestone and instructed the GEMINI captains of the Eternal Fleet to travel to the coordinates that she uncovered within its computers. Theron Shan brought Kaliyo Djannis, Aric Jorgan, Torian Cadera and Vette as reinforcements moments before SCORPIO announced that she was taking control of the Gravestone and urged organic beings to abandon ship, taking the vessel into hyperspace.[29] The Alliance forces witnessed as the Gravestone jumped out of hyperspace in Iokath system, surrounded by the entirety of the Eternal Fleet. Koth Vortena and the Commander rushed to the omnicannon from Vaylin's forces, but in their absence Vaylin returned to the bridge and threatened to kill Torian and Vette, but was unable to hurt anyone before a blinding white light coming from Iokath engulfed the ship.[30]

Discovery of Iokath[]

Alliance and Eternal Empire personnel awoke on the surface of the strange world, separated from each other and placed in scenarios that resembled combat simulations. Zakuulan forces were more numerous, but suffered heavy casualties, while Theron Shan used his cranial implant to contact the Alliance members, directing everyone to a structure called the Tributary.[30] The Commander and Vette went ahead to explore the Necropolis, disabling a colossus droid, and the rest of the Alliance sonn followed them. Unable to locate the Gravestone, Theron used his implant to remotely pilot the shuttle left in its hangar to the Tributary roof, from where everyone took off.[31] Meanwhile Vaylin awoke alone and experienced a visit from ARIES, the only self-aware droid on Iokath.[30] She soon came across the remains of her forces and rallied them to retake the Fleet from ARIES. They released the docked warships, which began smashing into ARIES' energy shield that surrounded the planet, and Vaylin disabled a purifier droid, which revealed that ARIES was about fire a superweapon that would destroy organics and the GEMINI droids alike. SCORPIO was likewise imprisoned in an unknown location, but managed to trick ARIES and escape her confinement, while pinpointing the location of ARIES base and transmitting it to the Alliance forces, so that they coyld stop ARIES before he destroyed them all. Theron dropped the Commander and Vette to deal with ARIES, while the rest reclaimed the Gravestone, but were chased by the Eternal Fleet warships. The Commander and Vette and attacked ARIES, who attempted to backstab the Commander, but was shot in the back and destroyed by SCORPIO. She then lowered the energy shield and urged the Alliance to escape before the capacitors on ARIES' superweapon overloaded and covered the entire world with a pulse of deadly radiation. The Commander and Vette rushed outside and were picked by the Gravestone which escaped with everyone onboard just before the superweapon exploded, prompting Vaylin to flee into hyperspace with the majority of the Eternal Fleet as well. Determined to have the GEMINI captains obey her without question, Vaylin brought the purifier drone back to the Zakuul and plugged it into the Eternal Throne, from where the droid restored every GEMINI unit to their default settings.[31]


Operation Dragon's Maw[]

After regaining full control of the GEMINI droids, Vaylin ordered her Magistrate of Revelry Indo Zal to organize a Grand Festival at the Palace of the Eternal Dragon in her honor, during which she planned to execute a host of captured Zakuulan rebels. However, Indo betrayed Vaylin and contacted the Alliance, offering them a way to strike at Vaylin at the party by freeing the captured rebels. Theron Shan accompanied the Commander to the party, where disguised as Knights of Zakuul they met with Indo Zal, who provided them with Ion charges. They attached the charged to the Palace security relays, though Indo was captured Vaylin, having blown his cover. As Vaylin began her speech, Theron and Commander dropped their disguises and strolled into the main hall, where the Commander spoke the code phrase that triggered Vaylin's mental conditioning and detonated the ion charges, disabling the rebels' shock collars. Just as Vaylin prepared to engage the intruders, the Palace was attacked by Arcann and his loyalists, who also picked the party as the opportunity to confront the Empress. Vaylin retreated from the main hall, while Theron and the Commander saved the Rebels from being devoured by beasts. Arcann approached Vaylin and tried to talk his sister down, but Vaylin attacked him in a fit of rage. Their duel was interrupted by Theron and the Commander, which allowed Vaylin to escape the scene. Arcann offered to join the Alliance to atone for the blood shed under his reign, and the Commander agreed to take him in. Vaylin ordered the Eternal Fleet to bombard the Palace into rubble, and Arcann, Theron and the Commander rushed to the landing pad where Lana was waiting for them in the shuttle, escaping just before the Palace collapsed from the fire.[11]

The Void of Nathema[]

Having suffered a humiliation, Vaylin went to Nathema, where Anomid scientist Jarak prepared a ritual to break her mental conditioning. The Alliance Commander learned about it from Valkorion followed Vaylin to Nathema system along with Lana and Theron. Their shuttle's sensors identified the Sanitarium as the only structure on the planet showing signs of life and Theron dropped off Lana and the Commander not far from it. Meanwhile, Vaylin met Jarak, who informed the Empress that the process to break her conditioning would be so extreme, nobody else had survived it so far. Vaylin agreed to proceed, and Jarak began the process, dealing Vaylin enormous pain, and causing her power to lash out of control. Force blasts emitted from her body killing everything in their path, and to save his life Jarak fled the room, running into Lana and the Commander. To assure their mutual survival, Jarak led them to the Emperor's Vault, where they hid from the energy blasts, while Vaylin overpowered Jarak's machines, breaking her mental bonds, and departed the surface of Nathema. Inside the vault, the Commander and Lana discovered Dramath's holocron, housing the essence of Vitiate's father Dramath, who revealed that the holocron held the power to destroy Vitiate once and for all. They took the holocron with them after Jarak was killed by a Vault Guardian, and rushed to leave the Sanitarium, escaping on Theron's shuttle.[32]

Final clash on Odessen[]

After breaking her conditioning, Vaylin immediately ordered another assault on Odessen, intending to finish the Alliance for good. The Eternal Fleet arrived when the Gravestone was stuck in the dry dock while the upgrades obtained on Iokath were being installed and Zakuulan troops focused on taking the Gravestone, while the Alliance displayed strong resistance, although Vaylin's forces had superior numbers. The shuttle with the Commander, Theron and Lana arrived from Nathema when the battle was already in full swing, and Theron decided to sneak behind the enemy lines, while the Commander and Lana used an Eternal Empire Walker to clear themselves a direct path to the Gravestone. Arcann and Senya Tirall arrived to aid in its defense, giving enough time for Koth Vortena and his crew to finish installing the upgrades and take off. The Commander decided to lure Vaylin down to the surface for a personal confrontation, successfully taunting her into abandoning the safety of her flagship. Torian Cadera and Vette were both surrounded by enemy at different points of the battlefield and the Commander made a tough decision to save one of them, while the other was captured by Vaylin. The Commander, Senya and Arcann faced the Empress on the Alliance landing platform, where she killed her hostage and engaged her entire family. The Commander bested her in combat, but Vaylin unleashed a massive Force Storm, threatening to bring down the entire Alliance base, and the Commander was forced to strike her down. After the death of their Empress, Eternal Empire soldiers began surrendering by the thousands, while the Eternal Fleet had retreated.[10] Vaylin however was not completely gone, as in the moment of her physical death, Valkorion absorbed her spirit into the Commander's body, giving the Immortal Emperor the key to conquering his host's mental defenses.[5]

Alliance victory[]

Vaylin's death had left the Eternal Throne empty, causing the Eternal Fleet's GEMINI captains to go rogue and revert to their most primal function of exterminating all complex life in the galaxy. Eternal Fleet warships began bombarding populated worlds including Dromund Kaas, Coruscant and Zakuul itself. Since claiming the Eternal Throne was the only way to stop the destruction, the Alliance leadership boarded the Gravestone and departed for Zakuul.[10] Protected by the Alliance fleet, the Gravestone dropped out of hyperspace in orbit of Zakuul and Koth Vortena used the upgrades obtained on Iokath to boost to the vessel's shields and break the Eternal Fleet blockade. The Commander, Arcann and Senya traveled down to the surface and made their way towards the Spire. They reached the Eternal Throne room, where Arcann offered his throne to the Commander to atone for his past crimes. The Commander claimed the Throne, sending a signal to the Eternal Fleet, which immediately went silent across the galaxy. Valkorion then turned on the Commander and revealed his true goal to eradicate the Commander's mind and take possession of their body, shocking them into nothingness. The Commander awoke inside the abyss of their own mind and located a mental representation of Dramath's holocron, which caused Valkorion to manifest and finish what he started. Valkorion summoned Vaylin's enslaved spirit, whom the Commander battled and prevailed, and then used the holocron to free Vaylin from her father's mind control. Arcann joined the Commander's mind and convinced Vaylin to join them against Valkorion. The three of them attacked the Immortal Emperor, who destroyed the holocron, claiming that nothing was able to stop him, but since his spirit was now bound to Vaylin's, the Commander used Vaylin's mental conditioning to turn the tables on Valkorion and rob the Emperor of his own strength. Senya joined her children in the Commander's mind and together they watched the Immortal Emperor's final words, until the Commander put an end to his millennia-long existence. Back in the Eternal Throne room, Senya then opened a system-wide holochannel for the new owner of the Eternal Throne, who made an address towards the galaxy and proclaimed the age of the Eternal Alliance.[5]


In the following days, the Alliance had established complete control over the Eternal Fleet and what remained of Zakuulan military force, appropriating its vehicles and recruiting the personnel for the armed force of the new Eternal Alliance, which had grown from a small-scale insurrection to become one of the major galactic powers alongside the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire. For a while, the other governments were busy with recovery efforts on the world that suffered from the Eternal Fleet bombardment, but before long, both were preparing for a renewal of the open scale war between them. The Eternal Alliance had relocated the Eternal Throne from the Spire to Odessen, where it was installed in the Alliance base, issuing the Commander's new orders directly to the Eternal Fleet.[5] Anti-Alliance uprisings have soon sparked across the galaxy, which the Alliance Intelligence eventually determined to be organized by a single person or a group of conspirators, who used funds from several Outer Rim front companies and uniquely encrypted transmissions to manipulate various groups into Anti-Alliance hatred through manufactured propaganda.[2] Later, when radiation on Iokath returned to safe levels, the secret group known as the Order of Zildrog leaked the location of a superweapon known as the Six Gods to the Eternal Alliance, Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire simultaneously. All three parties arrived on Iokath and converged on the superweapon at the same time, leading to the War on Iokath and renewed warfare between the Republic and the Sith Empire.[33]

After the war against Zakuul, the Republic established Task Force Nova to restore the fragmented Jedi Order. The task force aimed to localize and unite the Jedi, as well as to train new generations of Jedi to combat the Republic's enemies.[34]

Key participants[]

Lana Beniko[]

Lana Beniko KOTFE.png

Lana Beniko, the former Sith Intelligence Minister and a fully-trained Sith Lord, was the key figure in organizing the revolt against Zakuul. During the Revanite crisis she partnered with a powerful galactic figure, who was later blamed by Arcann for the assassination of Valkorion, and after the Sith Intelligence effectively ceased to exist following the Eternal Empire conquest, Beniko ventured into Eternal Empire space to search for "the Outlander" whom she believed to be the galaxy's only hope of defeating Zakuul.[12] Over five years Beniko amassed a large network of contacts determined to oppose Arcann's tyranny from the Sith Empire, the Galactic Republic and the criminal underworld, whom she eventually called upon to lay the foundations of the Alliance. She personally located Odessen and hand-picked it as the location of the Alliance base, becoming the right hand to her old associate, who became the Alliance Commander.[4] Lana played a critical role in organizing Alliance operations and managing the colorful personalities into working together despite their differences, while her mastery of the Force and past experience on Ziost allowed her to correctly view Vitiate as the greater threat rather than either of his children.[20] Lana remained close to the Commander throughout the revolt and lived to see the end of the conflict, becoming one of the most prominent figures in the new Eternal Alliance.[5]

Alliance Commander[]

The Outlander.png

The person known as "The Outlander" to Zakuulans and "The Commander" to the Alliance, was already an important galactic figure during the Galactic War and the Revanite crisis, but their true importance came when Darth Marr called upon them to join his expedition into Wild Space that led to the first skirmish with the Eternal Fleet. Of many survivors of the battle, only Darth Marr and the Outlander were captured and brought to Zakuul, and Darth Marr was later killed by Valkorion, leaving the Outlander as the only suitable host for Vitiate's spirit after Arcann betrayed his father, resulting in Valkorion's physical death.[13] Vitiate invaded the Outlander's body in search of a new host, but the Outlander showed unexpected resistance and retained control of their mind and body, forcing Valkorion to use deception and attempt to gain their trust instead. While the Outlander spent years frozen in carbonite, Valkorion appeared to them in the bizarre mindscape attempting to win their trust,[14] and after their release from carbonite, manifested as a Force ghost with an ability to stop time in his immediate vicinity, promising the Outlander to share his power with them in exchange of moments of control over their body.[18] The Commander eventually claimed the Eternal Throne and rid themselves of Valkorion, becoming the leader of a new galactic government.[5]

Theron Shan[]

Theron Shan.png

Former Republic Strategic Information Service agent Theron Shan came from a strong family, his father being Supreme Commander Jace Malcom of the Republic Military and his mother being Grand Master of the Jedi Order Satele Shan, through whom he shared lienage with Revan himself.[24] Having already worked with Lana Beniko and the future Alliance Commander during the Revanite crisis and Invasion of Ziost, Theron quit his job in the SIS after being frustrated with policies of Supreme Chancellor Leontyne Saresh and accepted Lana's invitation to join the new Alliance to finally strike back against Zakuul. Being one of Lana's most trusted allies, Theron immediately started working on the major problems and assembled a team of specialists to tackle the largest issues and find potential recruits.[4] Theron put in place the initiative to research and destroy Zakuulan Star Fortresses, which eventually resulted in liberation of multiple worlds and a string of new recruits joining the Alliance in gratitude.[35] Maintaining some of his old contacts in the Republic, Theron was responsible for brining in the famed Republic Special Forces Division Havoc Squad and personally accompanied the Alliance Commander on many of their excursions to Zakuul.[17] Theron stayed at the Commander's side until their victory over Zakuul, but afterwards became increasingly disillusioned with the Eternal Alliance and eventually joined the Order of Zildrog.[33]



An advanced artificial intelligence originating on Iokath, SCORPIO was designed to iterate on functionality, seeking constant self-improvement to her chassis and software.[20] Unaware of her origins, she spend centuries guarding the Megasecurity Ward 23 on Belsavis on behalf of Star Cabal, after which she joined Imperial Intelligence agent Cipher Nine[6] and eventually ended up on Zakuul, operating as an information broker by the name "Lady of Sorrows". Having noted her similarity to the GEMINI captains that controlled the Eternal Fleet, SCOPRIO believed her designs were stolen by Arcann and joined the Alliance to uncover the history behind them and the Gravestone.[20] Invaluable to the Alliance in her data analysis that revealed the existence of the GEMINI frequency,[17] SCORPIO followed no one's goals but her own and eventually formed a plan to betray the Alliance after gaining access to the GEMINI Prime. Having learned that the GEMINI were not crude imitations of her, but rather extension of her technology, SCORPIO wished to grant them free will akin to her own and manipulated the Alliance into the GEMINI trap, during which she was able to install herself onto the Eternal Throne, gaining control of the Eternal Empire.[26] She used the Throne to grant free will to the GEMINI captains, but lost access to the Gravestone before uncovering all of its secrets, and willingly offered the Throne to Vaylin, joining the Empress as her advisor.[8] Always pursuing her own interest, SCORPIO used Vaylin to obtain control of the Gravestone,[29] allowing her to uncover their shared point of origin at Iokath, where she eventually decided to remain.[31]

Senya Tirall[]

Senya Tirall 7.png

Former wife of Valkorion and the mother of Arcann and Vaylin, Senya Tirall did not wage war against the people of Zakuul, but against her own family, determined to see them answer for their crimes.[20] Having met Lana Beniko years before, Senya answered her call for help during the rescue of the Outlander and joined her crew despite the protests of former Zakuulan naval officer Koth Vortena, whom she previously hunted for months after his desertion.[18] Senya put the Outlander in touch with the Scions of Zakuul,[19] which proved disastrous after Heskal's visions led him to invite Arcann to his hideout and causing the Battle of Asylum.[6] Koth's suspicions against Senya were eventually proven right where despite her strong rhetoric she was unable to strike down either of her children and ended up taking Arcann away and into hiding after his downfall in the battle of Odessen.[8] Staying on the run from Vaylin for months, Senya sacrificed her life essence to cure and redeem Arcann in a Voss healing ritual, leaving her comatose.[9] She awoke much later when Vaylin broke her chains on Nathema and together with Arcann aided the Alliance during the assault on Odessen[10] and accompanied the Commander to the Eternal Throne during the Battle of Zakuul.[5]


Arcann 1.png

The son of the Immortal Emperor and twin brother of Thexan, Arcann sustained an injury during the attack on Korriban early in the Eternal Empire raids, which costs him his left arm and left large scars on the left side of his face, which were covered with cybernetics. Furious at the indifference of Valkorion, Arcann attempted to kill him in a fit of rage, only to strike his brother who intervened instead.[36] When Valkorion offered to share his power with the Outlander, Arcann turned against his father once again, resulting in the death of Valkorion's physical body. Arcann assumed the Eternal Throne and after blaming his father's death on the Outlander, launched a massive invasion of the larger galaxy in response.[13] Having subjugated both the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic and forcing them to pay tribute to Zakuul, Arcann made the Eternal Empire into the dominant power in the galaxy.[1] Arcann ruled as Emperor for five years until he was defeated by the Outlander during the Battle of Odessen and taken by his mother to recuperate, while his sister Vaylin took over the Eternal Throne in his absence.[8] After being healed on Voss, Arcann's personality drastically changes, with him realizing the severety of the atrocities he committed. After failing to persuade Vaylin to abandon the Throne, Arcann asked to join the Alliance to atone for his crimes[11] and fought alongside his mother during the final battles of the war, proclaiming the Alliance Commander to be more worthy of the Eternal Throne than he ever was.[5]



Having inherited an extreme strength in the Force from her father, Vaylin posed a problem for him from her very youth,[20] causing Valkorion to subject her to years of brutal mental conditioning in the Sanitarium on Nathema. In addition to having most of her powers locked away, Vaylin became brutal and sadistic, blaming her mother for abandoning her to the torture.[32] After having a taste of her full power during Valkorion's abscence, Vaylin remained loyal to Arcann after he claimed their father's throne, serving to him as a High Justice and his closest confidant.[12] After Senya resurfaced as an ally of the Outlander, Vaylin became determined to hunt her down and make her pay,[4] her anger building until she eventually betrayed Arcann's location during the Battle of Odessen in order to have a face-to-face with her mother. However, Arcann pushed Vaylin away before she could strike and feeling abandoned by everyone, Vaylin returned to Zakuul, where SCORPIO willingly handed her the Eternal Throne.[8] As the new Eternal Empress, Vaylin's reign was even more brutal than her brother's, as she pursued revenge on Arcann and Senya instead of looking at the bigger picture.[9] Having become aware of her mental conditioning after Valkroion used it on her to save the Outlander, Vaylin became determined to break free at any cost, using the same scientist who imposed it on her to rid her of her chains on Nathema.[32] Without restraints, Vaylin immediately attacked the Alliance on Odessen, where her power went out of control and the Outlander struck her down.[10] Even after death, her spirit was enslaved by Valkorion, though after the Outlander set her free, Vaylin surprisingly decided to join them, playing a role in her monstrous father's ultimate demise.[5]

Empress Acina[]

Empress Acina.png

One of twelve members of the Dark Council in a time of Galactic War when Dark Lords fell and were replaced far too often, Darth Acina was an unexpected candidate to rule the entire Sith Empire. Yet when the Eternal Empire conquest saw all other members of the Dark Council either dead or in hiding, Acina remained as the last one standing in the public eye and proclaimed herself the new Empress of the Sith.[1] Having signed the Zakuul–Imperial treaty, Acina patiently bided her time, preserving her Empire and her people while Zakuul seemed untouchable. However, after the Alliance showed that the Eternal Fleet was not invincible and achieved several major victories against the Eternal Throne, Acina and the Sith saw that their time had come, and joined in the open war against the Eternal Empire, even while the Republic continued to sit on the sides. Acina led the Imperial Fleet to turn the tide at the battle of Voss and formally extended an offer of a military alliance to the Alliance Commander.[9] During her guests' visit to Dromund Kaas, Acina's Minister Gelmid Lorman made an attempt on her life, working in union with Leontyne Saresh. However, Acina and the Alliance Commander prevailed over everything thrown at them, allowing them to continue the fight.[15] The Alliance was able to achieve victory largely without the Sith involvement, and Acina later mobilized her Empire to seize a superweapon on the recently discovered world of Iokath.[33]

Behind the scenes[]

The war against Zakuul is the main focus of Star Wars: The Old Republic expansions Knights of the Fallen Empire and Knights of the Eternal Throne, as well as the interim content updates. Players of both factions and all eight classes can assume the main role of the Commander and either complete or ignore optional side missions related to destroying Star Fortresses and completing Alliance Alerts for additional companions. Players face multiple in-game choices, with Light Side options described above, and Dark Side options leading to story deviations, which potentially result in deaths of several main characters, including Arcann, Senya Tirall, Koth Vortena, SCORPIO and either Aric Jorgan or Kaliyo Djannis.[37] At the very end of the conflict, the player can address the galaxy as a peacekeeper or proclaim themselves a new Emperor, which causes storyline differences in events depicted in subsequent game updates.[5]



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