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"These are just the first wave. They're going to war."
"Then we will be ready."
―Fennec Shand and Boba Fett[6]

A planetary gang war occurred on Tatooine, predominantly in Mos Espa in 9 ABY between the Pyke Syndicate and the Fett gotra for control of the desert planet spice trade.



Following the sail barge disaster and the Galactic Civil War,[7] the Pyke Syndicate began transporting spice through the Dune Sea[8] under the protection of the Kintan Striders Gang.[6] Using a repulsor train, the Pykes moved through the Dune Sea and defended the route from a tribe of Tusken Raiders. During this time, the Tuskens took in formerly deceased bounty hunter Boba Fett as part of their tribe. Fett was able to teach the tuskens how to ride speed bikes and attacked the repulsor train. The train's pykes were spared by Fett and the Tuskens.[8]

Fett attempted to negotiate with the Pykes about paying the Tuskens for passage through the Dune Sea in Mos Eisley. However, the Syndicate chose to massacre the Tuskens[6] and framed the Kintan Striders for it.[5] Fett began to make plans to form his own gotra by replacing Bib Fortuna as Tatooine's Daimyo. He was able to recruit master assassin Fennec Shand as his top lieutenant.[9]

After eliminating Fortuna, Fett claimed the palace as his own along with two of Fortuna's Gamorrean guards. Fett was accepted as daimyo by the head of the Trandoshans', Aqualish,[10] and Klatooinians' crime families of Mos Espa.[9] Jabba's cousins, The Twins, attempted to claim what was left of Jabba's empire,[8] but abandoned Tatooine when Mos Epsa's Mayor Mok Shaiz made a deal with the Pykes.[6] Despite these circumstances, Fett was able to recruit the Mods[6], Krrsantan,[9] and Din Djarin[4] into his gotra as enforcers.

The War[]

A showdown in Freetown occurred between the Duros mercenary Cad Bane of the Syndicate and law enforcement officers Marshall Cobb Vanth and Deputy Scott of Freetown. The Pyke Syndicate then bombed the Sanctuary in Mos Espa, destroying the cantina.[4]

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Behind the scenes[]

The war was first alluded to in "Chapter 4: The Gathering Storm," the fourth episode of the live action television series The Book of Boba Fett, which was written by Jon Favreau and aired on Disney+[9] on January 19, 2022.[11] The conflict first appeared in "Chapter 6: From the Desert Comes a Stranger," which was directed by Dave Filoni, written by Filoni and Favreau,[4] and released on February 2.[12]



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