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Otoh Sancture, shortly before its destruction by Rogoe.

The War of the Gungan tribes was a conflict that occurred on Naboo in about 3000 BBY.[2] The tribes of Gungans were constantly at war with each other.


"Much bitterness between them-sa."

The origins of the conflict are unknown, but it is believed that Boss Rogoe instigated it, or at least took advantage of it and let it expand, in order to have the freedom to enslave the minor tribes.

Boss Gallo, although he was one of the strongest Bosses, refused to fight, but the other Gungans worried whose side he would take if he joined the fighting. His eventual participation would decide the fate of the war.

One day, the Boss had to gather animals for his village, Otoh Sancture, to have the Sacred Feast. Soon after his departure, half-wild bursas completely destroyed Otoh Sancture. Gallo was left alone, his village being history.

He wandered until he met the swashbuckling rogue Marsune, who gave him Glurrg workers to rebuild Otoh Sancture in exchange for Gallo's five nerfs. While searching for a suitable place, Gallo found some Gungans standing with the bursas. He learned that the Gungan warlord, Boss Rogoe, had sent the bursas to kill Gallo, though he hadn't decided to enter the war. Boss Gallo then changed his mind and decided to fight.

Peak of the war[]


Gallo sent Rogoe's Militiagungs to tell their boss that Gallo would strike back. Then, he and his workers built a small settlement and wasted no time recruiting a small army to drive the bursas out of the remains of the old Otoh Sancture. After the bursas were defeated, Marsune appeared to Gallo and decided to take a position against Rogoe, whom he never liked.

Gallo, along with Marsune and his small band of soldiers, went to each of the important Gungan cities to ally with them. Gallo discovered that each city had its own major problem and decided to help them in order to vanquish Rogoe. The Boss Tenko of Otoh Jahai had lost his staff, and suspected the nearby town Otoh Langua had stolen it. Boss Hantic of Otoh Langua denied stealing it, but the city had its own problem: they had depleted their treasury from fighting, and would continue fighting to steal wealth until they got enough back. Boss Gallo found Otoh Jahai's scepter in the wilderness, and raided one of Rogoe's camps that stored the currency stolen from the other Gungans.

Helped by Gallo, Tenko and Hantic sent reinforcements to him. With the new army, the two leaders saved the town Otoh Urs from a clan of bursas, then rescued Boss Hoxie of Otoh Raban from Rogoe's prison camp.

With the major cities united, Gallo invaded Rogoe's huge fortified stronghold, Spearhead, using bongos from the Bongomeken Collective. Rogoe was killed when Gallo's forces destroyed his underwater High Tower Board Room.


After the battle, the Gungan tribes were united, and Gallo built Otoh Gunga on Spearhead. The war also marked the beginning of the Gungan Grand Army.

Gungan children thereafter often played "Marsune and Gallo," recreating the exploits of the two leaders in the swamps and forests of Naboo.



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