"Warjak the Feeorin! Undefeated champion of the Outer Rim Carve-up!"
―A Pa'lowick announcer introduces Warjak[src]

Warjak was a male Feeorin who worked as a gladiator during the initial years of the Galactic Empire's reign and was declared champion of the contest known as the Outer Rim Carve-up on many occasions. He was invited to take part in the event known as Gladiator Night on the planet Lothal, where he faced the Houk gladiator Borbig Drob, whom he had agreed to lose to for additional pay. The rigged match was interrupted however, by the arrival Imperial Security Bureau Lieutenant Jenkes, who was being chased by the bounty hunter Bossk and his companion Ezra Bridger. After Jenkes wounded him, Bossk requested that he fight the two gladiators in bare handed combat, which Warjak and Drob agreed to, only for the bounty hunter to defeat them both.


"Is it true that a Houk will be fighting a Feeorin?"
―A patron of Gladiator Night asks about Warjak and Drob[src]

The male Feeorin known as Warjak worked during the early years of the Galactic Empire's reign as a gladiator. He took part in the gladiatorial event known as the Outer Rim Carve Up and was declared the undefeated champion, following which it was arranged for him to take part in the Gladiator Night event on the planet Lothal. The event was arranged by an individual known only as "the Commissioner" to Warjak, but who was in fact a local Imperial Security Bureau Lieutenant named Jenkes who was arranging the fights illegally without the Empire's knowledge.[2] Warjak was transported in a shuttle, along with his Houk opponent Borbig Drob, from the planet Nyriaan to the Capital City spaceport on Lothal. There, the pair boarded an unmarked Imperial troop transport[1] which brought them to an abandoned mining facility called Monad Outpost where the fight was set to take place.[2]

Lothal Planet

Warjak fought on Lothal.

At Monad, Warjak was equipped for combat before he and Drob made their way into the arena for their match. There they were each introduced to the crowd by a Pa'lowick announcer, with Warjak drawing both cheers and boos from the spectators. Before the fight began, Warjak reminded Drob in hushed tones that the Commissioner wanted the Houk to throw the match and let him win, which the other gladiator agreed to.[2] The fight then began, but was soon interrupted by the arrival of Jenkes in the arena, followed closely by the Trandoshan bounty hunter Bossk and a local street urchin named Ezra Bridger. Jenkes had set up Bossk and Bridger, and the pair sought revenge, but before they could claim it the lieutenant wounded Bossk and declared that he was wanted dead by the Empire, who were not concerned with the gladiator fight. Bossk then challenged Warjak and Drob, who had stopped fighting after the crowds attention was drawn to the newcomers.[3]

The Feeorin and the Houk agreed to fight the wounded Trandoshan in bare-fist combat, dropping their weapons as the bounty hunter approached. As soon as they were unarmed however, Bossk launched himself at Drob and downed him quickly, then leaping at Warjak and slashing him across the chest with his claws. Knocked to the floor, the Feeorin picked up Drob's sword and attacked the Trandoshan, but the Trandoshan dodged the blow and kicked Warjak in the shin hard enough to break the bone. Defeated, the gladiator collapsed and passed out next to Drob. Imperial forces later arrived to break up the illegal fight and arrest Jenkes.[3]

Personality and traitsEdit

"I hate cheaters."
―Bossk defeats Warjak[src]

Warjak had thick tendrils which hung from the back of his head.[1] He was skilled enough in combat to go undefeated at the Outer Rim Carve Up, but was defeated by Bossk even when he was armed and the Trandoshan was not.[3] The Feeorin was willing to participate in a rigged match for a large payout,[2] and when he saw Drob defeated by Bossk in unarmed combat armed himself despite agreeing to a bare-handed combat.[3]


"That's not bare-handed!"
―Bossk comments on Warjaks use of a weapon[src]

While on Lothal, Warjak wore body armor[1] and used a large vibro-ax and stun net in combat.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

Warjak first appeared in Ezra's Gamble, a junior novel written by Ryder Windham and released in 2014.



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