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"Warriors to your wings! Warok will lead us. Mates and elders, watch over the children. We fly!"
―Chief Chirpa[src]

Warok was a male Ewok from the forest moon of Endor. He lived in Bright Tree Village with his family: wife Batcheela, son Teebo, and daughter Malani. Warok was a fierce warrior and one of the best at piloting the Ewok hang glider.


When his children were both still young, a band of Duloks led by Vulgarr convinced Warok that his daughter had been kidnapped by a giant monster. Warok led a band of Ewok warriors to recover her. They encountered a Dulok named Ulgo, whom Warok accidentally killed while trying to release some lantern birds that the Dulok planned to eat. Realizing that they had been tricked, the warriors found Vulgarr and his band and discovered that in their absence, Vulgarr had kidnapped the children of Bright Tree Village. Warok led the charge against the Duloks, driving them off and rescuing the children.

Years later, Warok was among the many Ewoks who helped the Rebellion defeat the Galactic Empire in the Battle of Endor.

Behind the scenes[]

Decipher's Star Wars Customizable Card Game "Paploo" card, released as part of the Endor Limited expansion, claims Warok was Paploo's father.[2] All other sources say that Warok's children were Teebo and Malani.

Kenner released a Warok action figure in 1985 in its last wave of Star Wars action figures, which was part of its Power of the Force line. Like all the other action figures released in this wave, he was packaged with a collectors coin.

The 2009 release of the "Battle for Endor" Battle Pack from Hasbro includes an Ewok named Warok with a glider in addition to Luke and Colonel Dyer, none of whom ever shared screen time in Return of the Jedi.



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