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A Yuuzhan Vong warrior

«And woe to our enemies.»

The warrior caste was the military caste of the Yuuzhan Vong.


A warrior with an amphistaff.

The second largest caste in Yuuzhan Vong society, the warriors were conditioned from birth to be brave, fierce, and merciless in battle against the "Infidels"—as well as their fellow warriors. The warriors were, naturally, the most aggressive of the Yuuzhan Vong castes, but also the most self-important, feeling that all others were beneath their notice (particularly the intendant caste) though this actually would work against them. This meant challenges were often made against their enemies and they saw the refusal of a challenge being considered a disgrace on all Yuuzhan Vong.

Their role within the Yuuzhan Vong Empire meant that they served as footsoldiers who were fanatically devoted to their leaders as well as their gods. It was known that they never cried out in pain, with fates such as death or dismemberment meaning nothing to them; all that mattered was performing the maximum amount of damage to their enemies. On the battlefield, a warrior often maneuvered themselves as close to their target as possible in order to engage in melee based combat.[1]

Surrender was not an option for the warrior caste, and to retreat was a sign of cowardice. If a Warrior was captured, they would immediately commit suicide, rather than shame themselves or their Domain. For warriors, there was only victory or death. They often respected courage and resistance from their foes which meant the more challenging battles only incited them more so in combat.

In honor of Yun-Yammka, the Slayer and their patron deity, the warriors would sacrifice body parts, scar, and tattoo themselves, to show Yun-Yammka their pain was in honor of him. Warriors, were trained from birth, to know no fear, show no mercy, and to follow their superior's orders without question.

The highest rank among the warriors was the Warmaster. Another elite group was called the Hunters, who were given missions that normal warriors could not complete. Some of the most experienced Chazrach were allowed to enter the lower levels of the warrior caste.


Yuuzhan Vong warriors

After the failure of the Praetorite Vong in gaining a foothold in the galaxy, the warrior caste of the Yuuzhan Vong Empire was dispatched to pacify the regions in the invasion corridor. These actions were at first spearheaded by Shedao Shai until his death at the Battle of Ithor.

As the war continued, Lando Calrissian's YVH 1 Battle Droids, were programmed with a unique battle cry "We are machines! We are greater than the Yuuzhan Vong!" This was a very powerful insult, considering the Yuuzhan Vong's hate of technology, and xenophobia. Upon hearing this battle cry, the warriors would often be whipped into a frenzy of rage and would attack the Droids.

The fanatical nature of the warrior caste could be used against them.

Admiral Gial Ackbar estimated that one-third of the warriors had been killed in three years of fighting.

Many of the warriors killed themselves after the death of Shimrra, though some went to Zonama Sekot. A century later, two were present and guarded the Master Shaper in charge of the Ossus Project as well as guarded Jedi relics from thieves.


In addition, there were some unofficial ranks as well



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