The Warstalkers was a mercenary army of Trandoshan warriors that existed by the time of the Cold War. They were renowned for their skill and reliability with a well deserved reputation. Utilizing drouks and droids alongside their elite Trandoshan forces, the Warstalkers were a significant threat to any in their way. In this time, the Republic Military hired them when they were being led by the veteran warlord Kephess due to manpower shortages with the intention of holding Denova from the reconstituted Sith Empire due to its supply of Baradium.[1]

However, despite their reputation, the Warstalkers went rogue and turned against the Galactic Republic. In addition, they allied themselves with renegades from the Imperial Army. This led to them fighting both forces from the Republic and Sith after they claimed the planet for themselves, eventually scattering following the defeat of Kephess.[1]

Over the next few years, they would be remoulded and begin to regain their legacy under the command of Qyzen Fess, a former companion of the Jedi known as the Barsen'thor. Having gained his own clan prior to his friend's disappearance, Qyzen took over the Warstalkers and led them on various hunts across the galaxy. Eventually they would draw the attention of the Alliance, who recruited them in their campaign against the Eternal Empire.


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