The Wasilsi were a sentient humanoid species that lived on the planet Joralla. They constructed temples and villages, worked metal, and had a written language. Joralla was inhabited by another sentient species, the avian Tikiarri, with whom the Wasilsi warred for many years. While the Wasilsi were stronger and more intelligent than their opponents, the humanoids eventually became extinct. A sentientologist from the University of Huvveck theorized that the Wasilsi were not native to Joralla and became extinct after contracting a plague.

Biology and appearance[]

The Wasilsi were a species of humanoids;[1] that is, they had two arms and two legs.[2] They had skeletons and were stronger and more intelligent than the avian Tikiarri, with whom they shared the planet Joralla for a time. Research by Beyorth Gommdora, a sentientologist, indicated that there was little similarity in structure between the Wasilsi and the Tikiarri, which led Gommdora to conjecture that the Wasilsi were not native to the planet and lacked natural immunity to bacteria or viruses, to which their avian counterparts were resistant.[1]

Society and culture[]

The Wasilsi were an intelligent species. They lived in villages, used gold and various other valuable metals, and created works of art and metal artifacts. They developed their own written language, which they recorded on parchment scrolls. The Wasilsi developed a religion, for which they constructed temples and statues of their religious figures. The architecture of at least one of their temples was octagonal, with sloping walls leading to a square apex. This was formed by four triangular sides and four rectangular sides. Various other features adorned the temple in a symmetrical design, including circular pillars.[1]


Tikiarri circle the ruins of a Wasilsi temple before attacking Adriav Kavos and his crew.

The Wasilsi lived on the planet Joralla,[1] which was located in the Mid Rim's Mektrun sector.[3] The Wasilsi built villages and temples on the temperate planet but came into conflict with the Tikiarri, a savage avian species. Over many years, the two species fought several great battles, which the Wasilsi memorialized through art painted on the walls of their structures. By the time of the Battle of Yavin, the Wasilsi were extinct; all that remained were some artifacts and the crumbling ruins of their civilization, considered ancient by that time, buried or covered in undergrowth.[1]

The sentientologist Beyorth Gommdora, from the University of Huvveck, researched the Wasilsi, although his studies were hampered by violent encounters with Tikiarri tribes. Given the physical and intellectual superiority of the Wasilsi over the Tikiarri, it was considered highly improbable that the avians had eliminated the Wasilsi. Instead, Gommdora advanced a theory that the Wasilsi were not native to Joralla but had either established a colony on the planet or otherwise crashed there, and were subsequently wiped out by a plague, to which the Tikiarri were immune.[1]

During the Galactic Civil War, an independent freighter captain, Adriav Kavos, landed his vessel in the clearing next to a Wasilsi temple while he attempted to trade a valuable Rebel Alliance data disk with a buyer. Kavos and his crew were subsequently attacked by Tikiarri.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The Wasilsi were created in Planets of the Galaxy, Volume One, published by West End Games in 1991.[4] This material was reprinted in 1994 as part of The Star Wars Planets Collection.[1]


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