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"Not wasp-worms! Anything but wasp-worms!"

Wasp-worms (also spelled as waspworms)[3] were a type of worm that resided in hives on the planet Vrogas Vas, although they were not native to the planet. During a battle on the planet, Han Solo and Doctor Aphra became covered in wasp-worms after shooting a pair of hives. This led the two humans to panic and run into each other, leading both to lose consciousness.[1] When Solo awoke, he was displeased to find that he was covered in "wasp juice," which had stained his clothing.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

Wasp-worms first appeared in Star Wars (2015) 13, the third installment of Star Wars: Vader Down, a crossover comic book between the series Star Wars and the series Darth Vader. Star Wars 13 was written by Jason Aaron and penciled by Mike Deodato, Jr.[1]



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