"Waste of space...waste of programming...I started it as a joke and it just kind of stuck. He thinks it's a term of endearment."
Zahara Cody[src]

Waste was a 2-1B surgical droid stationed onboard the Imperial prison barge Purge during the year 1 BBY. He assisted the ship's chief medical officer, Zahara Cody, in an unsuccessful attempt to treat the crew and prisoners onboard the Purge of the strange infection brought onboard following the attempted salvage of the Imperial Star Destroyer Vector. After the infection wiped out all but six of the life-forms aboard the Purge, the medical droid assisted Dr. Cody in her attempt to escape the Purge, but he was destroyed by the mysteriously reanimated corpses of the infection's victims.

Zahara Cody later encountered a similar 2-1B on the Star Destroyer Vector that looked similar to Waste but was in actuality a totally different 2-1B.



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